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Posted by admin 
25 October '06 | 11:03am
The way Boardseeker Magazine works is about to change!

You can read all about it within INSIDE LINE page 1 [www.boardseekermag.com]

If you have any comments/questions or suggestions about our new system, then please let us know here...........
25 October '06 | 5:45pm
Nice idea adding the DVD, as you guys must have tons of good footage now. if the DVD is as good as the mag, I'll pay.

Keep it up!
25 October '06 | 11:13pm
Cheaper and a whole lot better than that printed s@#t we buy!!! and you get a DVD..... hook me up!

Silicon Beach
26 October '06 | 8:38am
I think this is a shame but understandable ... if you'd just left it as a low key text based hobby thing, as it was when it started, then it works fine and is a great free resource ... but then it went all hi tech with vids etc and obviously the people involved now want to see a return on their time / skill etc - that's very natural.

I wish you well, but I doubt if I'll be tempted.
26 October '06 | 5:06pm
Carl and Jeff, thanks for the good words. The DVD has turned our REALLY good - I am sure you are going to like it!

Silicon Beach - A few words in our defense! Firstly, it was never started as a hobby! I know it sounds like a shed load of fun reporting on windsurfing events and stories (and in many ways it is), but the truth is we work damn hard! Its absolutely not possible to produce a magazine like this as a hobby....it takes 3 full timers + several free lancers to produce the volume and diversity of content that we deliver.

With regard to your comment about 'they should have left it as a low key text based thing' - surely if you decide not to pay, that is what you will continue to get and I might add free of charge, unlike any other windsurfing mags out there!

You will only pay if you want to access 60 minutes (approx) of Video footage each month and receive our double disc DVD. At a price around ?2.50 per month (similar to a pint of beer!), we think thats a pretty good deal.

The real truth is that businesses like this cant exist without some kind of revenue - they cost too much to run! If you like the product, then supporting it with a subscription will help us to make it even better for you. If you dont want to pay, then continue to enjoy the text and pictures, which will remain completely free!!

Thanks for your input.


1 November '06 | 1:27pm
Subscription fees are not a popular business model for the web

People have come to expect free content

Good luck but I think you may struggle to get much take-up

There are other revenue streams, advertising for example. I think a better idea is to carry on offering tasters in low bandwidth format and then just sell dvds off the back of that and get more advertisers on board.

Reminds me of the sad demise of the Boatastic weather cam network
24 November '06 | 1:28am
Well doods,
i made some of the motion graphics on the DVD but I have to say...
The footage is amazing, totally unique making this DVD the Xmas pressie of the year!

The stuff from Pozo and Maui is worth the money alone!

I may be pimping this a little too much but I'm a windsurfer first and it was a tuff project to work on as i kept watching it all instead of making the graphics! Its a real kick back and enjoy film!
24 November '09 | 6:38pm
Re Classifieds - not working - money taken but items not listed on siite !

Does anyone know a contact phone number for boardseeker re classified ads ?
I can't find one on the site ( tried help link ) .
I've been debited 2 separate lots of money on my credit card and only one add has been listed .
The link it gives you to querie matters isn't valid ( sales@k90enterprises.com ) .
' seems a bit dubious ??

Below are the emails i sent to your sales ' link............?

Hi ,
i've just paid for a windsurf sail to be advertised on your web site ( naish 8m sprint ) and it isn't listed .

Hi ,
' just to add re my previous email , the transaction number for the sail ( 8m naish sprint ) is 1349537813 .
I've also noticed that i should have been allowed to include this add with the first item i put up ( ie exocet board 106 ) but the web site wouldn't let me ??

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5 June '10 | 11:23am
Every thing changes according to the situation and requirements as this changes whole, nice summarized.thanks.

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