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say goodby

Posted by frank 
say goodby
2 January '07 | 9:36pm
i did like this page, on boardseeker.com was some nice storys and videos.
But why should i pay heaps of money for a page full of promotion? Even i get a dvd, i don't need this crap, i just want to spend some time on surfing the net and see a bit of surf. But if the maker of this page decide to collect fees for this page i have to say goodby.

there are enough other good pages about windsurfing in the world wide web.
Re: say goodby
3 January '07 | 6:50pm
Hi Frank,

Let me get this right.......you want to watch 'nice stories and videos' but you dont want to see adverts on the page and you dont want to pay for it?!!!

So where do you expect us to get the money from to produce the content? I think you are living in a dream world.

Unfortunately I think you have little idea how much it costs to produce a video feature. For example an event such as the PWA Hawaii Pro. We have to pay not only the cost of getting a cameraman out to Hawaii for 2 weeks, but also pay him a salary and then pay for editing time after all the footage has been filmed. This costs something in the region of ?3000 ($5500) - for just 1 video feature!!

Each month we have approx 60 minutes of video footage in the magazine, so feel free to make some guess on how much the monthly running costs are. (In addition to the other staff we need such as web designer, feature writers, editor etc).

Now for a subsciber to pay ?29.95 for approx 600 minutes of online video footage AND one of the best windsurfing DVD's ever produced, I think this is a pretty good deal (and so obviously do the many subscribers who have chosen to pay for the mag).

You say that you enjoyed the 'nice stories and video', well the good news is that you can still enjoy the nice stories, becasue unlike most other magazines, we continue to offer these free of charge. Its only the video & DVD we are charging for.

If however, you want to watch approx 600 minutes of high quality video footage/technique/travel and news as well as getting one of the best DVD's in the business, then pay up! Its only ?29.95 for 12 months - not 'heaps of money' as you say.

On the other hand, if you still feel that we should continue to offer the whole thing free of charge, then I suggest you come and work for us full time without getting paid for it and see how long you last!


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