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June 2007 issue?
19 June '07 | 10:24am
Are we getting a June 2007 issue?

The forum feature, Ask a Pro, was great last year. Will you be doing that again this year?

Keep up the good work. Boardseeker is outstanding.

all the best
Re: June 2007 issue?
19 June '07 | 11:36am
Hi Clyde, thanks for your posting and appologies for the late delivery of the June Issue.

We are actually about to change the format of the magazine to a weekly publication instead of monthly.

Having done a monthly format for 3 years now, the use of the internet has increased and so has peoples demand for more-up-to-date information. We have therefore decided to go weekly.

Each week we will provide 5 new main features, but will also be improving the quality and quantity of our latest news so there is something new on a daily basis.

We had hoped to launch last week, but as these things go, we are running late! We are very near finished, but have a few technical things to sort out still. We hope to launch tomorrow.

With regard to Pro Monthly, we decided to suspend this for a little while because the response wasnt great. It takes quite a lot to organise a pro to be on the forum for 1 month and when they get few questions, it is a bit of an anti-climax.

However in the past our forum has been quite quiet. Our new format should improve the forum and with increased participation, we will bring back Pro Monthly.

Anyway, I had better get back to work, so thanks for your message and I hope you like the new format!

All the best,

Bill Doors!
Re: June 2007 issue?
21 June '07 | 12:23am
Good job on the new mag looks great!!

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