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Russ Jenkins
28 June '07 | 11:27am
Am I being stupid, or has the beachseeker facility gone missing on the new and improved website?

I know you can search for it and eventually get to the old website, but is there a link that I've missed somewhere?

It's a cracking idea and the reports are ace for those of us that like to get around the country when living in a crappy windsurfing area i.e ME! Please bring it back if you have got rid of it winking smiley
Re: Beachseeker?
28 June '07 | 11:49am
No, you are not being stupid! It is missing at the moment. But it will be back.

Unfortunately when we designed the new site, we were unable to retrieve any of the old pages from the old site without manually stripping out the old menus etc and re-inserting the new ones. It takes about 6 minutes per page to do this (trust me I know cos I had to do loads of them!) and there are about 1000 old magazine pages to get through.

We were unable to do them all before launch, so a lot of the older features are missing and obviously Beachseeker as well.

It will come back, I promise as we chip away at those old pages over the comming weeks!

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