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2008 DVD?

Posted by Square eyes 
Square eyes
2008 DVD?
11 November '07 | 1:11pm
Is there a release date for the 2008 DVD? I'm really looking forward to it as there has been some epic conditions this year....
Re: 2008 DVD?
11 November '07 | 8:08pm
We are just finishing it at the moment!

We have 23 of the 25 sections finished and aim to have the whole project completed by the end of this week. With duplication time and delivery etc, it should be ready for sale at the End of this month/first couple of days of December.

Its shaping up really well at the moment and our chapter list is looking something like this:


1. Jericocora
2. Mauritius
3. South Africa
4. Chile
5. Cape Verde
6. Maui
7. Margarita
8. New Zealand
9. Australia
10. Guincho
11. Costa Brava
12. Kaparthos
13. Morocco


14. Lanzarote
15. Tarifa
16. Pozo
17. Fuerte
18. Silvaplana
19. Dahab
20. Namibia
21. Tenerife
22. Vassiliki
23. Brazil PWA
24. Sylt
25. The Gorge
26. Madagascar
27. Norway
28. Tiree

+ Bonus Movie

We intend to keep to 25 chapters so the weakest 3 from the above list (which we will decide upon once it is all complete) will be omited.

We should have a trailer and graphics in next Wednesdays mag.
Re: 2008 DVD?
11 November '07 | 10:42pm
only one uk feature?
Re: 2008 DVD?
11 November '07 | 11:25pm
Yes, unfortunately so. We sell the DVD World-wide and as such it cant be too biased towards the UK - it has to have the quality of footage to justify its place within the 25 chapters!!

Last year we got Rhosneigr in there as well as Tiree and Ireland. This year, although I understand the South Coast has had a fairly good season, we have not had a great deal of wind up North and have also been a bit unlucky with conditions on a couple of trips we organised to get footage.

We dont want to put mediocre conditions in there (next to chapters like Mauritus), so this year we only have Tiree to show what the UK can offer.

There are lots of other sections though such as Mauritus, New Zealand, the Gorge, Brazil & Norway etc that should keep you entertained!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I promise that we will do our best to show the UK in its best light next year!!
square eyes
Re: 2008 DVD?
14 November '07 | 11:54am

Looking forward to it- keep up the good work!!!


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