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Windsurfers Beware South Africa Airway

Posted by samanthasmithson 
Windsurfers Beware South Africa Airway
17 October '08 | 6:13pm
Hi All

Just adding to your recent news about the SAA new policy with regard to windsurfing kit. The bottom line is that anything under 200cm will no longer fit in the hold of the plane. So even Surfboards longer than 200 cm will also have to go as 'strictly cargo'. I have had this explanation first hand as we had already booked our tickets when we discovered the change of policy. SAA have replaced Jumbos with Airbuses on the South African route and the space they have allocated for outsize baggage is not long enough to fit even a 240 cm board. Despite endless communication with SAA we will have to freight our boards because SAA won't take them on the plane. In light of this I don't recommend any windsurfer risk turning up at the airport with kit and saying they only have a surf board. It is likely they will have to leave the kit behind or pay astronomical prices to have it cargoed as unaccompanied baggage.

On the plus side - Virgin still flies to Cape Town and they are offering free transport of kit as long as it is packaged in one bag that weighs less than 32 kilos. .... wish I'd booked with them...

Re: Windsurfers Beware South Africa Airway
5 June '10 | 11:18am
Hiiiiii.... i really agree with your article but there are some limitations should be there in every task, nice list.thanks .

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