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JP Twinser 84 Prowave test review by rider

Posted by gary boates 
gary boates
JP Twinser 84 Prowave test review by rider
30 November '08 | 9:29pm
I have owned the JP Twinser ProWave 84 since Sept. 21st/08, and with 24 years of annual six week vacation wave sailing on Maui behind me, I feel I am qualified to pay comment on your findings. First let me say that overall your testers did a very fine job testing! As well, it was good to have a single fin as a baseline. And finally, the duration of the test gave it great credibility. I have just returned to Canada from over two months on Maui, having ridden the exact JP 84 Pro Wave you have tested every windy day while there, I can say the JP is indeed a very early planing board for my 85kg. weight! This early planing ability turned into real speed, not only when compared to other twinsers but when up against all boards encountered while on my reaches upwind and down, to and from, the reef. Your overview comments are spot on with just a small missing comment relating to the board's capabilities to go straight downwind while on the waveface. As you know, off the wind angles are used in big wave sailing to position oneself as the wave jacks up, and with Uppers reef, during the reach to the beach. The board was totally immune to negative fin behaviours and thus was just a dream to 'max out'on a broad reach.

It was so fast and rangy sailing on an extreme broad reach that on one particular powered 5.0 day, the board testers for a North American magazine were cheering and shouting as I flew up to the sand. In retrospect this was one of the most positive and fun attributes of the JP Twinser. This was perhaps overlooked perhaps due to your venue, or perhaps your editor! The second 'extra' surprise was the absolute stability of the downwind nature of the JP. It was of great benefit in this regard as one must go virtually dead downwind while on the lip, getting as quickly as one can to the best spot on the long waves of the Northshore Maui before beginning to bottom turn. This attribute gave me extended capabilities to adjust my position relative to the appearance of the wave as it jacked up, reshaped and changed its speed (deeper out on the reef the waves are faster). I was very pleased to find the 84 Pro Wave was my 'one board' Maui solution so much so that it even fit into the back of my Mazda 3 rental with fins in!

To my reckless and trashy style of sailing (expert's comments) and under my weight, the stock fins never felt overpowered and the board itself did so only on those few days with 35 - 40 knots of wind at Uppers reef Kanaha (Maui)while I was on the superb new Goya 4.5 sail.

I did not see mentioned a few observations I made in the company of some of windsurfing's greats. Leading edge at base of fin to tip of tail was exactly 33cm. (13 inches) on all boards that I was able to measure - custom 79? litre Quatro, 09 production Quatro 81, custom Mistrals and custom Tabou. My board, the JP84 ProWave, had 3cm more tailkick then the '09 Quatro 81. And it had a whopping 36 cm of dead flat under the rider where the Quatro had a continuous centreline rocker throughout. In my nontechnical opinion I believe that the JP's shaper used this flat for early planing and the increased tailkick for off the top abilities. Finally I will mention a small negative perception that in over two months of sailing bother me just once. In mast and a half high surf, and after three days of this wave size resulting in a wicked current, the drop felt squirrly due to this current on the 3m. waveface itself. I could not get the board to 'lock in' and thus did not risk a visit to the lip that particular day. So coming from the 2008 JP 79 Pro Wave shaped by Richard Greene I was concerned that I may not be on the best suited board for Maui conditions - I quickly learned to use the rail more in the bottomturns and all my fears vanished into huge smiles! Thanks again for a very valid test!
Re: JP Twinser 84 Prowave test review by rider
1 December '08 | 10:15am
Thanks for the feedback on the test and update on the JP's performance.

Sounds like you had fun in Maui!!

Please bear in mind, as stated at the beginning of the test, that we didnt get to test the boards in proper 'down the line' conditions like you have experienced in Maui. We tried them in only cross on and cross shore conditions.

Its great therefore to get your comments on how the JP performed in 'real' conditions!

Thanks again,



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