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fin tests

Posted by Jon Erbele 
Jon Erbele
fin tests
27 January '09 | 2:25am
This is kind of a repost but I think I asked this in the wrong section.

Question, will you guys be doing fin tests next year? I figured that after the clones are done testing out the boards you could have a clone take out the board he/she likes best and then start a fin review. This could be done with all sorts of fins. I know the whole thing with new fins being impposible to get most of the time, but if the industry ever stabilizes...

I'd love to know the differences between all of the 20cm freestyle fins out there.
adrian @ boardseeker
Re: fin tests
27 January '09 | 12:38pm
Yes, we very much want to do some fin tests (and other components such as booms and extensions etc).

We have been on a steep learning curve this year with testing and as such, we are actually slightly behind the schedule we aimed for at the beginning of last year.

When you first test a style of equipment eg Freeride boards or Wave boards etc, its hard to know where the differences are going to lie between the boards in test and also what makes a board work well within that category. Its taken us a fair bit of time to work this out for each test.

Now that we are learning how each category of equipment compares, it will be much quicker and easier for us in future (hopefully!), when we come back to these tests.

We are aiming to release a main test per month and also have some extra smaller tests such as the fin test you describe. Once we can start reaching our target of a main test per month, we will look at doing a fin test etc.
Jon Erbele
Re: fin tests
27 January '09 | 3:41pm
Thats great! you guys are going to include all sorts of new component tests in the future. can't wait to see what yo guys come up with.

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