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Good job on the Pozo unedited final

Posted by Gregg 
Good job on the Pozo unedited final
3 August '09 | 9:09am
Really good to see the whole of the Pozo final side by side. And well done to Boardseeker generally for some really good and innovative coverage of this event.
Re: Good job on the Pozo unedited final
3 August '09 | 1:02pm
Agreed, was a really impressive final to watch, and with no highlights you can see why the Koester kid won. The dual filming worked really well. Best coverage by far of a pwa event. Maybe boardseeker will be the first to organise live streaming coverage of some of the events..
Re: Good job on the Pozo unedited final
3 August '09 | 4:30pm
Thanks for the feedback. We will have the Fuerte Freestyle final for you this week in the same format and will be doing more of these in future as it seemed to go down well.

As for live streaming, we are continually looking into it, but its just too expensive at the moment and the PWA are not in a position to help with costs...
Re: Good job on the Pozo unedited final
5 August '09 | 8:02pm
Great stuff. I have to add that I generally enjoy Boardseeker's videos a lot. One reason is that you don't cut them into small pieces. It is important for us who are struggling to learn, to see the setup and finish of moves. Slowmotion replays are also one of your strengths.

I was really looking forward to pwaworldtour.com's Pozo reports this year, but the "bubble gum commercial videos" were horrible disappointments - no landings, no setup - just crap. Fortunately, you saved my windless summer. More please!!!
Re: Good job on the Pozo unedited final
7 August '09 | 6:58pm
Great stuff!!!!

Yeah, it was a completely idea that gave the possibility to see the final better than if I even was there myself. It shows also very clearly why Philip won. You have continued thus great idea with ths month's freestyle final.

COngratulations. Keep like this!!!


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