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4.7 Test - First Impressions

Posted by J.D 
4.7 Test - First Impressions
19 November '09 | 5:27am
HI Guys,

Just had a quick read through of he 4.7 test and once again..... it's amazing!

Good work!

Well rounded approach to the test, just the right amount of detail and UK testing definitely make your tests my personal favourites!

Keep it up,
Re: 4.7 Test - First Impressions
19 November '09 | 8:44am
Yep, must agree. I really like the tests here, gives much more information on the sails, their performance and what sail that is likely to be the right choice for me and my conditions.
Re: 4.7 Test - First Impressions
19 November '09 | 10:52am
Yep - great test again BSeeker team!

One techy question...would there be any merit in weiging the sails (wet weight, kg), or do you think weight as a metric isnt insightful ie the feel of the sail is influenced more by its shape, stiffness, pull etc?

Re: 4.7 Test - First Impressions
28 November '09 | 11:07am
Last two tests 4.7 sails and 85 litre have been very informative certainly helped in one of my purchases
Good stuff

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