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Straight shots in tests

Posted by pgvirtual 
Straight shots in tests
30 July '10 | 2:16pm
I read in one of your topics today that the Boardseeker team now is responsible for the Boards Magazine testing.

PLEASE, PLEASE, keep it the boardseeker way and write honest opinions about the tested equipment. And keep telling us how products compare with each other.

It would make me weep if you bowed to commercial pressure and wrote just what the brands asked from you, without any ranking... The last few years it has been painful to read tests in printed UK magazines.

Keep up your good work!
Re: Straight shots in tests
2 August '10 | 9:31am
Don't worry - nothing will change in the way that I write the tests.

The format will be slightly tweaked for print, but not much. Boardseeker format will stay exactly the same.

The only difference you will see on Boardseeker is that the Overview page (with all the rankings) will be released first. Then approx 7 days later, the full test will be released in Boards Mag and then approx 7 days after that, the full test will be published in Boardseeker.

Whilst Boardseeker readers might feel that this is holding something back to make way for Boards Mag, in actual fact the tests will be released much quicker and more regularly on Boardseeker than before (thanks to increased budget).

The first test on Freeride 120's and 7.0m no cams is about to be released so I will await feedback!


Re: Straight shots in tests
2 August '10 | 11:31am
Absolutely loved your test on quads - Boardseeker way! Keep on (t)ripping...

I was just looking for some test results for JP's quad and ended up reading a non-boardseeker test - did not really make me any wiser. Although 2010 is almost over, it would be helpful to read.

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