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Tiree TV style podcast

Posted by bucko 
Tiree TV style podcast
23 October '10 | 7:27pm
The Tiree tv style podcast was excellent , a refreshing change from the norm. Keep up the good work , will maybe see you all down at the farm, mid Wales secret spot soon , you know where it is , cheers Aloha boys.
Re: Tiree TV style podcast
24 October '10 | 7:19pm
Good job, keep them coming!

Re: Tiree TV style podcast
25 October '10 | 4:23pm
Cheers guys.. looks like the farm could be on for wednesday!! smiling smiley
Re: Tiree TV style podcast
19 November '10 | 7:10pm
Oh man! Your new podcast is even better than the last one - suffice it to say, you're doing a hell of a job!!!
Re: Tiree TV style podcast
21 November '10 | 1:18pm
Best yet...
Re: Tiree TV style podcast
21 November '10 | 6:39pm
Couldn't agree more. Awesome stuff Ben, Alfie and the team. Really refreshing and much more enjoyable that previous stuff. Huge kudos to everyone involved - keep it up!
Re: Tiree TV style podcast
21 November '10 | 6:40pm
(*than*, not _that_)
Re: Tiree TV style podcast
21 November '10 | 9:57pm
Great job Alfie, Ben and the gang!!

Both podcasts are very well done and enjoyable to watch with some great action (Gwithian more so!) and a few laughs, very interesting to watch what our UK pro's have to say.

I'm sure some long nights went into the final edit and Alfie was looking a little stressed at the Sandsifter on the Sunday morning trying to make this happen, with the venue trashed from the big party the night before and all persons needed to film in different places (probably sleeping off the booze!) but well worth it mate, good job!

Re: Tiree TV style podcast
7 March '12 | 9:57am
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Re: Tiree TV style podcast
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