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Posted by jjma 
27 November '10 | 10:24pm
A Couple of requests. I enjoy the features and coverage of your podcasts but is there any chance of making the podcasts downloadable so that they can be watched offline? Something the cold hawaii classic did very effectively and common practice by web sites offering digital media.

Secondly, can the automatic flash player have it's playing state set as stop? Maybe if the podcast were offered as a download and or stream (with it's playing state being set as stop) the users choice is empowered.


Re: Podcasts
28 November '10 | 11:53am

All the podcasts can be downloaded for free from the boardseeker itunes page, as this article explains


Hope that helps and get downloading . . .

Re: Podcasts
28 November '10 | 4:45pm
Thanks Alf,

Unfortunately, I don't use itunes and am probably in the minority however is it not possible to add an additional link to download the podcast as an mp4 for those of us that don't have that software?


Re: Podcasts
24 June '11 | 8:15am
Re: Podcasts
27 June '11 | 8:15am
Still as frustrating as hell to have the podcast start automatically on every visit. Could it not be set to play at the discretion of the user?


Re: Podcasts
20 December '11 | 3:12pm
Can we please have more regular podcasts. Pre Boards these used to be at least monthly no few and far between. Also one final gripe is whether you can do something about all the nonsense that now appears on the forum. I am not at least bit interested in golf and if I were I would go looking for a golf website not a windsurfing site. I now you have quoted advertising blah blah blah but surely they could pay for banner ads on the front page instead of abusing the forum?

please do something about it by which I mean not try and justify the misuse.

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