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Tests are a joke!!!

Posted by biggyzsmalls 
bill smalls
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
21 April '11 | 4:09pm
Forums aren't the place for masturbation, this is an intelligent and informed discussion
hope you had a tissue handy to wipe down your keyboard
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
21 April '11 | 6:14pm
> Hi all,
> truth is Cash talks -
> your all muppets anyway and wouldn't know a good
> board if it bit you on the arse
> so shut up and let your sailing do the talking
> .....
> If you don't like the tests then don't read them.
> The brands producing good equipment are happy
> enough to let you test their kit prior to purchase
> and even some producing shit kit are stupid enough
> to do likewise, hey Tushingham !! Thing is you
> muppets love Tushingham as they are cheap and
> because you are shit at windsurfing you think they
> are ok, which is fine by me...
> Don't come on here bigging your self up unless
> your sailing matches your talk... so stop typing
> losers !!!

If indeed this is actually Bill Dawes posting, you clearly have a lot of pent up anger at all us "muppets". I feel even happier giving up on Boards magazine so long ago while you were editing, a dire publication.

All off topic somewhat, sorry.

To be fair you could search through any windsurf forum and there seems to be a cycle of complaints about testing every few months when someone gets a board they dont like on the advice of a test...

There is so much difference in how all of us sail that you would be a fool to read too deeply into the reviews. Try them out, talk to your friends and see what works with different fins before you slap down your latest paycheck.

Yeah they may all come out the same factory, but the designs and shapes evolve elsewhere, some will work some wont.

At the end of the day more time on the water will do a lot more for your sailing than a new board. But if you have the spare cash then indulge and share your experience.
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
21 April '11 | 11:14pm
I have never met Bill Dawes but I know who it is.

Regardless however of whether it is or not...

What if my sailing matches my talk, and what if my wallet matches it too?

What's the difference anyway?

I decided for once to contribute to this forum as a reply to big biggyzsmalls' initial thread that you can actually stick some extra fins onto a board that got bad reviews and make it better (unlike what most people would have you think), and ended up agreeing the most with bill smalls (is it the same person?) and timpy.

As for people who are abusive, well .... come and show us what you can do brother and how big your balls are...
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
22 April '11 | 9:03am

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Give the tests a break, they are tested by specific people, who like boards that fit there specific style/feel. that's there opinion, maybe you should not read the test write ups as gospel, more opinion, and not everyone has the same opinion..

I tried that *board - once a barge always a barge, no matter how many fins you put in it!
I love Bill Dawes
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
22 April '11 | 9:53am

Whether that's you or not you are a legend anyway ...........whoever wrote it it's sooo funny

Morris Dancer
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
22 April '11 | 10:05am
Bill Daws post.... classic

New board £1500.... Not so classic... Who is buying boards at that money??? Test winner or not..
special one
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
22 April '11 | 7:29pm
if u thought that *borg 4, was the worst board you ever sailed, you should try a "witch craft", Struth!
Re: Tests are a joke!!!
23 April '11 | 11:51pm
Bill (If it is really you)

You get to windsurf all the time, and your windsurfing is still, at best, mediocre. Just like Jeremy Clarkson. He gets to drive on the track all the time and he is still shite.

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