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Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge

Posted by biggyzsmalls 
Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
25 April '11 | 7:17am
You can tell when there has not been much wind lately when you lower yourself to putting this muck out as a feature.

These waves are about as fat and unclean as a coach load of Pompey beauty queens but obviously a lot softer.

Nice to see obligatory drop ins from a Tushingham rider who by the standard of the sailing must be one of their international riders.

At least the shoes on the other foot as it's normally Mullet dropping in on his Starboard barge - check out Rippers Moobot vid for evidence of such blatant infringements.

K-Bay Local
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
26 April '11 | 6:13am
Hey Andy

How's Cornwall?

Andy @
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
26 April '11 | 9:01am
Nothing to do with me I actually thought the wave was classic for the south coast ....
keep guessing ...

Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
26 April '11 | 11:38am
I enjoyed it, I would be quite happy with waves like that at my local more often.(Beach, not pub!) I'd rather see that than all this jet ski lifeguarded maui drivel thats totally nothing to do with real windsurfing imo. I don't even watch a video now if it says bloody hookipa or jaws, they are all exactly the same.borrring
Timo is ripping on that wave, always right in the pocket. More of these for me please...
rocket ronnie
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
26 April '11 | 7:56pm
My guess was the legend that was, "locolocal", lovin it all the same.
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
26 April '11 | 9:24pm
i thought that was an amazing response from emile. made me laugh out loud.

moo to the flag beach moo hoo.
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
28 April '11 | 10:44am
It would be great if I everyone could work on general assumption - hey there's an IP address from Cornwall which means that post must have been made by Andy as he is the only windsurfer in cornwall -

However to enlighten those South Coast chop bothering folk there are other windsurfers in Cornwall,
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
29 April '11 | 12:19am
My dear Watson, a novices deduction based on my appreciation of real waves and a hatred of Tushingham riders has led you to a fumbling accusation against an innocent fella, libel be thy name.

A little more thought would have shown you the light that no man from the south coast would put the words Pompey and beauty into the same sentence.

Personally I think the quality of the features is going downhill, including the wobbly shot Maui stuff.

I thought boardseeker was meant to be a global mag but it seems to be a thrown together mess of UK youngsters crappy blogs, "watch me K357985 have a poo in egypt today, woop, woop" mixed in with some out of date news.

But anyway just heard you guys are off to next Tuesday again so if anything interesting happens in the world of windsurfing which isn't based around 9-5 UK working hours I guess we have to look further afield, bring on continent 7 for some proper action,

aufwiedersehn Boards.co.uk er I mean boardseeker, is it still boardseeker or is that just for the testing now, do you get scraps of content after boards.co.uk, how does that work, but really who cares.

It's getting worse, no one likes the truth but there it is so now bring on all the comments

good riddance, poor attitude, jealous, could you do better,

yes, sometimes, no, no i couldn't,

but Boardseeker used to be good, Boards mag has always been shocking and now boardseeker is being destroyed by lazy "journalism" if you can call it that.

rocket ronnie
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
29 April '11 | 8:11am
Yup deffo "locolocal", after his english lit masters holiday, !,,,,,,,,,,,or Andy winking smiley
Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
29 April '11 | 9:17pm
Apart from the fact that you are slightly mis-informed - we didn't run the Kimmeridge video as a feature, nor to my knowledge have we run any Maui video feature recently, I am quite interested in what you say.

I am the Features Editor for Boardseeker and I do my best to try to make the features interesting and original whilst allowing for short web attention spans.

Although, I do wonder if I am wasting my time confronting this. My name is Emile Kott and I live and sail on the South Coast. You, however, are hiding behind a forum pseudonym and clearly have a bit of a grudge to bear. Maybe you could choose to put us on an equal footing by introducing yourself?

I feel I should at this point apologise to Andy for making my earlier mistake!


Re: Super Sessions Vid - Kimmeridge
30 April '11 | 9:21pm
Im with Emile, Boardseeker video features are what sets it apart from the rest, i for one look forward to the exclusive video content every week, its unmatched... I also like to see the news/blog stuff, granted not all of it is the same quality of the weekly Boardseeker cast but still it passes the time and if you dont like it dont watch it...

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