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jez's Knob

Posted by steven 
jez's Knob
2 October '06 | 9:01pm
I am considering how to protect the nose of my board as I am progressing into planing techniques, footstrapping and carve gybing and consequently prone to the odd caterpult. Does jez's knob device really work in deflecting mast or is the more expensive option of fixing a nose cone more effective?
Re: jez's Knob
4 October '06 | 8:47am
I did not use it, but it has been reported (one info source is www.boardlady.com) that this deflection bumper creates more severe damages to mast base while protecting the nose. It pulls up the back side of mast base and pushes down the front section into the board. So you will damage a more strategic portion of your board, where you have high stresses, much more expensive to repair compared to nose. Mast pad and PVC nose protectors seem to be better choices.


Re: jez's Knob
6 October '06 | 11:26am

I found an article about Jez's Knob. Maybe can help You

Re: jez's Knob
7 October '06 | 9:59pm
Thanks gabor, this was a really useful link
Re: jez's Knob
27 September '11 | 6:43am
I have used Jez's knob for about 4 years now and I'm convinced it has saved my board from mortal damage on many occasions. There are some issues with positioning the mast whilst treading water for a waterstart but some practice and thought present solutions.

I lost my Jez's knob last week in heavy waves and strong winds. It seemed to break out of the thread of the nut that holds it into place while doing the aformentioned mast positioning. Stange, I thought, but no arguing that this is what happened. I'm picking another one up ASAP.

To date I've received no damage to any other part of the board either mast track or surrounds other than some scuff marks on the deck from the plastic flange that comes with the knob.

Jezza. You've got a good Knob!!

Re: jez's Knob
3 October '11 | 9:07am
I've got a couple of those Jez's knob things which cost a fortune and don't solve the problem I think. I bought them because my wife had taken the nose off two new boards of mine within a week, but they've hardly been used since due to them fouling up the mast when you're flipping the rig to waterstart. If you want one for a tenner drop me an email, cheers stuart


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