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Boom trouble

Posted by peego 
Boom trouble
3 April '12 | 12:19am
Looking for some advice/ thoughts on an issue I've recently started having with my boom setting - its started slipping position out of the clips while sailing (for example set at 179 and slips to 173). Time for a new set of clips or could there be another issue? Thanks.
Re: Boom trouble
3 April '12 | 7:36am
Wrap some duck tape around the clip section , Pain in the ass...put works.
Re: Boom trouble
3 April '12 | 11:37am
Duct tape to the rescue. Thanks for the tip! Guess this means the clips are going off as well right? (Haven't seen any sigsn of anything broken)
Re: Boom trouble
4 April '12 | 6:52pm
Possible the boom is slightly bent on one side !!
Re: Boom trouble
9 April '12 | 3:53pm
Much respec' for the input!
Re: Boom trouble
15 January '13 | 1:02am
So posting in follow-up just in case it may help any other newbies:

Waders was spot on. The boom is slightly bent from me having fallen on it.

Solution - When I set the boom, I secure the boom clips with zip-ties (& clip of the extra length, then wrap with a bit of duct tape). Clips stay in place and its all good when sailing. ;-) (A bit of work if I have to change sail size, but at least the boom is still giving good use!)
Re: Boom trouble
1 March '13 | 6:37pm
I guess if it is just the rear section that has been bent you could buy a replacement back end for the boom - could be a good permanent & easy solution if not too expensive?

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