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windsurfing freestyle board popping

Posted by ~Windsurfing!! 
windsurfing freestyle board popping
6 April '12 | 11:21am
The other day went windsurfing in pretty light winds around 15 knots maybe a bit less with a 5.3 and 90l freestyle board. could just about get planning but when planning felt as if i was going quite slow and the sail had no real power in it, as a result i found it really hard to pop into vulcans e.t.c which when i am comfortably powered i can land. I see some of the bonaire guys landing vulcans when they are just planning i was wondering if anyone hand any views on doing freestyle under powered/ how to do it under powered.
Re: windsurfing freestyle board popping
8 April '12 | 12:57pm
Its always harder in the lighter conditions but i find the best thing to do is to try not to pop tooo high when under powered. this will help you keep the fwd momentum and keep the board sliding well in the light conditions.
Re: windsurfing freestyle board popping
9 April '12 | 3:59pm
I find that being underpowered makes doing simple thing very tough. Everything sticks to the water and becomes heavier and less likely to have that fun easy pop factor. I think the best thing to do is to go off the wind to get the speed, at least be planing at full whack, then the board is more poppy. Also have the boom at a decent height (quite high) so that you are hanging off it and everything feels light.

Hopefully after today with all the wind about you'll have had a decent day out on the water,

good luck.


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