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Help with popping my board out of the water

Posted by LTBIRCH 
Help with popping my board out of the water
10 April '12 | 11:49am
Ive been windsurfing for about a year now and am very comfortable planing, can carve gybe and can do small jumps off of small chop but where i windsurf it is mostly flat and i can't seem to pop my board out of the water. I am using a 96ltr f2 compstyle board if that helps. Has anybody got any tips on the technique of popping the board in flat conditions?

Re: Help with popping my board out of the water
9 May '12 | 8:34pm
Hey Buddy,

I use to have that problem then it came to me, speed.
Speed helps alot when trying to pop the board out of the water, also as you press hard down on the back foot, left with the front and sheet in this will give you some power in the sail to get you up.
If you sheet out the noise well rise out of the water and it makes it harder.

Go here to see how Phil does it


Have fun mate


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