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adjustable harness lines

Posted by Phil 
adjustable harness lines
25 November '06 | 8:48am
What are the best ADJUSTABLE harness lines on the market?

In my past experience they have had a few problems either twisting, slipping whilst sailing, buckle getting stuck and damaging the nose of the board when uphauling.
They lines are for a windsurfing centre so they need to be well made and able to cope with sand and sun...

force 5 today and still in short..
Re: adjustable harness lines
18 December '06 | 5:51pm
Has no one ever used adjustble harness lines or is this subject just to boring to comment on....
Re: adjustable harness lines
28 December '06 | 1:55pm
this forum is a just a bit dead.. i use NP vario lines they work fine. haven?t tried
anything else yet
Re: adjustable harness lines
30 December '06 | 8:22pm
After reading one of Cribby's articles I have switched to fixed 28" lines. They hold there shape and according to him that is what 90% of the pros use on the tour.
Brian Ingham
Re: adjustable harness lines
31 December '06 | 3:29am
I have some Aerotech adjustable line which work well. However some fixed lines of the correct length are better than the complications and extra expense because like footstraps you do not change them every time you sail.
Re: adjustable harness lines
31 December '06 | 11:10am
If you use fixed length lines, how do you know which length is correct for you, without having to try lots of different ones?
Re: adjustable harness lines
1 January '07 | 4:08pm
thats why you uy vario lines first and then switch over to the lenght you like..
i use 30" for freestyle and its awesome!
Re: adjustable harness lines
7 May '07 | 1:11pm
Hi Phil

K-90 Enterprises sell adjustable harness lines. They are used by the top Olympic class sailors as well as sailors who follow the UKWA tour. We have been marketing them in Britain for 4 years. Why don't you give us a try. Contact K-90 Enterprises at 01292 500388 or maureen@boardseeker.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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