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HELP!!! Starboard flare 99 vs tabou fs 100 '06 vs tabou fs 100 '07

Posted by Dennis 

I'm thinking of buying a new board and it's going to come down to one of these boards(mentioned above).

I'd really like you all to tell me what you think.

I'm looking forward to your fast replys...grinning smiley

H Dennis,

I have sailed all three of these boards, I currently have the 06 TAbou freestyle 100 and it is excellent, especially in the windier conditions. The Flare is also brilliant, having sailed on a friends in the slide it is very controlled and gives you lots of time and also has good pop. I have demoed an 07 Tabou freestyle and its new rounded shape is weird, feels slightly more poppy than the 06 but i have spoken to a few of the pros on Tabou and most of them have said that they prefered the 06 board. Tbh all of these boards are excellent so its really how much they cost etc which determines which board you get.

hey there, ive tried the 06 flare, and the 06 tabou and currently own the 07 tabou 100. The tabou feels smaller than the flare, which depending on where youre sailing is a good thing ive found, its so much better in the slightest bit of chop, and can be ridden around in small waves also. It slides really quick ,and ive found it alot more predictable than the flare, i found the flare better for carving moves as the tail is thinner, but for everthing else i much prefer the tabou. The pads are really really good on the tabou too, with the rear pad pushing your foot into just the right spot (or so it seems to me!)

anyway, having ridden them both, i definalty prefer the tabou, check out www.4boards.co.uk they have some great offers on 06 tabous, and have the lovely 07s ready for you too!

hope that helps, let me knwo what you choose!

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