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Are their any good winter wetsuits?

Posted by SB 
Are their any good winter wetsuits?
6 January '07 | 5:36pm
Does anyone have any reccomendation for winter wetsuits. I have had a few makes over the years (which is one point - they dont last) and I really have not had one i cant complain about. Either the fit is all wrong (do manufacturers not realise that windsurfers have big upper backs, shoulders and arms), the reinforcement is in the wrong place so that just catching the weak smoothskin puts a hole in it and renders it useless.

Any good wetsuit reviews well appreciated, I would go for surfing suits as they seem so much better designed and reinforced, but do not have the extra room needed around the arm area.
Re: Are their any good winter wetsuits?
11 January '07 | 12:45pm

Camaro SAP its a great choice!Im windsrfing with it for the second winter now,and im really satisfied with it. It has a soft filling, durable neoprene etc.. Surfing in north Adriatic /water temp. between 12C and 7C in winter/

Check for it on Camaro page.

glenn sullivan k-319
Re: Are their any good winter wetsuits?
14 January '07 | 10:44pm

i would say the oneill psyco 2 5/3mm, or the oneill mutant hooded 6/4mm, these two wetsuits are the the nuts! i absolutely love them. oneill cater for most of the usual windurfers needs. i would recomend medium tall or large tall would probably suit you. they are the favourites of most surfing/windsurfing magazines and it is a 'unwritten' that oneill make the best production wetsuits on the market.

if you're thinking of buying one;
you can call stuart at Ocean jack ltd on 0208 303 9223 or on 07732186030. hey can sort you out with a very good deal.

thanks hope this helps
Re: Are their any good winter wetsuits?
18 January '07 | 1:45pm
Check out the new H-Bomb from Rip Curl. I've been using Rip Curl and other suits from being a youngster and recently purchased another Rip Curl as my winter suit. They get my vote for being really comfortable.
scott mcfarlane
Re: Are their any good winter wetsuits?
1 February '07 | 1:39pm
I have used a Sola Vortex for three seasons now and never been cold. I once used it in a Scottish loch in February where the temp of the water would not have been much above freezing

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