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tabou quadster

Posted by rdm 
tabou quadster
12 May '12 | 2:38pm
hi all,
i've found very little on this board. too bad it wasn't included in the boardseeker tests.

does anyone use this board for a 1 solution wave board? does it do well in side-on with thrusters?

thanks for your thoughts.
Re: tabou quadster
12 May '12 | 6:01pm
Yes I do!

I'm 95/97kg & uses the 91 as my one board quiver. Im' sailing in south of france, La coudoulière, Carro...

It's a very good board, very interesting for surfing, nice for jumping, that works well both in quad & thruster mode. First i thought the quad fins were too big but last time i sailed with them & it was very good, so that must be the consequence of the very first sessions on the board. The difference between quad & thruster is more a question of speed in straight line, a little bit planing & style in the surf.

I'm now used to the shape & can tell you one thing : very very good but... not so nervous in side on gusty shitty conditions. The thing is that it's a normal/small volume for my weigt. It's quiet like 70L. for a 80kg guy. So i need something a little bit more nervous when the wind is really light. On the contrary, it's very easy to handle it in strong to really strong wind. I sailed it in 40knts without problem.

The really good thing is that you don't feel the limit of the board when surfing with enough wind.
so to answer you, if you're a technical sailor, not too heavy, you can take it as a one board quiver, & don't hesitate about taking a bigger volume than usual, that will makes you plane earlier & you won't feel any difference in surfing/strong wind. If not, it's a board that doesn't like to sleep alone in the van, so i'm looking right know for another board to rip in the shitty light / small waves conditions!

I think for a one board quiver the goya quad are very very interesting. The quatro LS too. the Tabou Pocket too but a lil bit less radical in surfing.

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