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kosters quads

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
kosters quads
16 May '12 | 2:41am
a touch curious regarding the latest Koster vid
if quads are now de rigeur and there is so much hype surrounding them
particularly starboard with yet another new quad about to be released, why is their wonder kid Koster riding what appears to be a trailer fin board in twin fin mode on the latest vid?
or am i just missing something . . . . .

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Re: kosters quads
17 May '12 | 9:44am
Philip has ridden twinzers for some time now, since "looseness" suits his style much better than the drive that a quad gives one.

I also find it interesting that you find us a company who's leaning towards the Quad side of "fings" ;-)
While Starboard believes there definitely is a place in the range for Quads, we actually have a twinzer and a single fin in our wave range as well.

Just my two cents...

Sacha Albarda


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