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Help with new board

Posted by Lhowe 
Help with new board
29 March '07 | 7:18pm
HI all-

I need a new board for lake sailing in montana. I mostly sail a 6.2, but want it to go down to 5.2, overpowered. Here are my priorities

I am replacing an ancient, but well loved Seatrend World cup slalom. I want a modern board that hopefully is a bit easier to sail, or slog!

Easy planing (15>20 mph)
Good jibing (I consider the Seatrend to be fun to jibe, although it is hard to always plane out of)
Upwind easy
Slogs OK when the wind dies

I don't do tricks, and I don't try to go Mach 10. I've been looking at the Starboard Isonic 111. but at $2000, I figure I should check out everything.

Any ideas? I weigh 180. This will be my first new board, so I am pretty nervous, I don't know a lot about the gear available.

Re: Help with new board
5 May '07 | 10:45pm
You should probably be looking towards a small freeride board, isonics are good but they are definately more orientated around going fast and gybing, because of this they will tend to be more technical to sail, particularly as they are so short as well. If you are used to an older board the length adjustment could be a bit of a learning curve, maybe look at something like a starboard carve 111 or an f2 stoke of similar volume. These are more freeride orientated and will generally be more fun to sail than a salaom specific board!! I am sure someone will argue with me but the Starboard carves will not let you down, they have won loads of awards and are great to sail, the 111 will handle the range of weather you are after and its a great board to jibe, do some bump and jump with!!

Hope that helps!!

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