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El Tur, the report

Posted by Ben turner 
Ben turner
El Tur, the report
6 April '07 | 8:42pm
Hey there guys, just spent 2 months in El Tur and feel like a post was needed to clear up what its really like and to beg the question why more english people arnt there!

So i arrived on the 14th of Feb, picked up by the hotel transfer no worries, and taken to my room, it was clean and more than adequate for my needs. Two twin beds, TV, Fridge, wadrobe cupboards, lamps, shower toilet sink mirror, full length mirror (i never knew i was so vain until that!) and the best bit was patio doors with a sea view and balcony.

The room was cleaned EVERY day for my 2 month stay, beds cleaned and made, shower cleaned, they even folded all my clothes, hung up my wetsuit and made funky pattens out of my towels(much better than the service at home!)

So the centre. El Tur Windsurfing, run by Rick sails from Ezzy, neil pryde and north from 3.7-7.5m and boards from mistral, naish and JP ranging from big 150litre boards to tiny wave boards. Loads of room to take your own kit too!

The centre has a nice chilled out atmosphere, TV video playstation if needed, the compulsary sheesha pipe and a nice chill out area. Best bit is the Music, i was there for 7 weeks and could have never heard the same song twice but for the fact we kept requesting ones, such as 'lets have a pink floyd day' or 'today were gonna play everyones favourtie albums one by one' the place is so welcoming!

The bay for windsurfing is fantastic, flat water, chop, flat water, brilliant, gybe/spin around in the flat, blast through the chop jumping all the way, then glassy flat water for the other gybe/spinny thing it couldnt be more perfect, one side is lined by a mosque, and the locals love to cheer you on and say hello! Out of the bay is the swell, maybe 200m down wind of the centre. There is a nice wave that peels in round the reef (totally safe) giving perfect starboard tack jumping before you get out into the open ocean which offers nice ramps for backies on both starboard and port! 5 minutes up the beach in a taxi and you are at the wave beach, pretty much south coast with sun! its lovely i rode everything from small waist high waves to big head high waves with a cross on wind from the right.


well the first week i was there i wont lie to you, it wasnt that windy, i think i had one session. After that though everything changed. I sailed pretty much every day, mostly on my 4.7 with some 5.7 sessions at the start and end of the day. the last two weeks i was there we had more than 8 days of big f7 winds which blew all day, and all night! needless to say the swell was huge! it really is a great wind, remember i was there not at the best time and i still sailed most of the time, (too much if you look at the sores on my feet!)

Food and drink

what can i say, its so so cheap. if you buy drinks in town you will feel robbed from the prices we pay in the UK, 6 two litre bottles of coke = ?1.50 bottle of beer =?1.20 bottle of local wine = ?7 the hotel doesnt rip you off, coffe =40p coke= 40p its really good.

breakfast is great, pankakes, bread, criossants, cheeses,cereal,'sausage fry up',fresh omletes, boiled eggs, fruit, tea coffe and juice! i loved breakfasts and throughly stuffed myself every day!

Lunch is not provided so buy it at the beach bar, i swear by the mexican sandwich, its amazing, and only ?1.50 and its huge! if you go (and you should) you have to try one!

Evening meals were ok but admitadly not great, they ranged from stew and veg and salad and soup etc, to fresh stir fry flame cooked infront of you! having said that though there were always 3 courses and the soup and desserts were always delicious!

Now the best bit, its quieter than dahab, its less gusty than dahab, its cheaper than dahab!

another must is a visit into el tur town, its not touristy, its a real culture trip, and everyone there is very friendly!

So why dont more people go to El Tur!? i really dont know! some people insult the hotel, but with wind that great, conditions that fantastic, such a friendly centre you really only sleep in there, and i have to say that it more than suited my needs, its clean, warm, friendly and cleaned every day!

so then guys, there you have it! any questions on the place feel free to drop me a email, ill be going back there next winter, its amazing, hope to see you there!
Re: El Tur, the report
19 April '07 | 11:25am
Is there only one hotel?

We have been going to Dahab a lot, and the missus likes to sit on the beach and have the facilities of a good hotel.

But the windsurfing sounds rith up my street.

So is it suitaable for a non-windsufer as well



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