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Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
26 December '12 | 3:50pm
Hi all,

I have two things I want to ask about.


When I'm out in the sea in waves, I find it a nightmare to waterstart, when trying to get back to the shore.
Not big waves just the ones you get at Rhosneigr on a regular day.

When I fall in and try to waterstart I find the waves push the sail under the water and I find it a challenge to get it flying again.
It knackers me out and ends up ruining sessions.
Once I have the sail flying I'm fine but there have been some occasions now and I need to sort it out.

I sail at West Kirby and can easily waterstart there but then as soon as I hit waves I struggle to get the sail flying.


I've got a 400 skinny mast and the darn thing is lodged together solid, with sand I think. I've tried the wd40 and boom tricks but it is lodged firm. I'm afraid to use a vice incase I damage the carbon? Has anyone got any tips as to separate the two parts as it looks stupid me driving along with a bloody cannon on the roof whenever I need it for sailing.

Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
27 December '12 | 2:00pm

I will try and offer a few words of advise. With regards to the water starting in waves, you are doing nothing wrong as such. The force you are feeling pulling the mast / sail is the current. The best advice I can give is you need to get the rig flying as soon as you touch the water. If you look at better sailors, when they fall it looks like they instantly fly the rig, or dont let go and keep it flying. In waves you dont want the sail touching the water if at all possible. If it does happen then get it up again as quick as possible. If a wave has just passed you, you will have around 10 seconds before the next one is on you, so you cannot hang around. Keep at it your waterstarting in waves WILL improve.
The mast, I would with the help of a mate, contect two booms either side of the join and very carefully and slowly work against each other to try and free it. You can try a little lube to assist. When you do get his released, next time when you have joined together wrap a little gaffer tape around the join this will stop any sand getting in a causing you grief.
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
15 January '13 | 12:54am
Am still too much of a novice to help on the water start in waves part, but for the mast, grab one end and have a mate grab the other end.

Shake it from each end - up and down till it wobbles in the centre - and pull outward at the same time. Should slide right out bit by bit.
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
16 January '13 | 7:08pm
Hi guys,

Thanks for the points.

simon993c2s- Cheers for the waterstarting advice I will give it a go when it's a bit warmer! Had a sesh at West K the other day and god it was cold.
I see what you mean about the pros, the sails hardly touch the water!

In regards to the mast guys it's still lodged solid and I've had two sessions on it since and it still won't budge!

Tried the two boom ideas . Think it will take a lot of force. :-S

Cheers for the idea and any others would be appreciated!

Rapheus grinning smiley
Ben Makepeace
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
18 January '13 | 3:32pm
Peego's method would work fine, but there's a fail-safe method that you can do on your own.
Lean the mast onto a low wall or anything similar. Provide padding to protect the mast where it contacts the floor and wall. Hold the mast with a hand either side of the join and bounce the center of the mast down as far as you can. As it flicks back pull it apart and in 4 or 5 bounces it will be separated.
This works on masts that have failed the double boom method as well as whole teams of lads etc. so why bother with anything else?
If you can do it on a sandy beach you only need to pad the top.
For the masts; lets flow a lot of water through it.
May be the obstacles are moved a little bit.
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
24 February '13 | 7:27pm
for the mast: put a plank /or similar flat piece of wood/ at the bottom of the mast. hit the plank with a hammer - the upper part of the mast will fly away, tested multiple times smiling smiley
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
1 March '13 | 6:34pm
There are a lot of good ideas for how to separate a stuck windsurf mast but over the years I have found the absolute best way is with sheer man power:

1 guy twisting each halve of the mast = no joy
3 guys either side = easy mast separation!!

Seriously a mast that can seem totally stuck together can be apart in a matter of seconds if you just have enough people twisting each section.

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holding the mast upright, or how?
maybe you can elaborate a bit?
nope, the mast in horizontal position, lying on the ground or you can put something underneath. also holding or stepping on it somewhere at the bottom (just near the plank/piece of wood) so you can keep it still when hitting the plank.
hope that helps
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
23 April '13 | 11:50am
I have tried the two boom ideas but it took hell out of me... Will try some tricks next time smiling smiley
Re: Waterstarting in Waves and Mast stuck together.
3 May '13 | 5:21pm
Rapheus, I´ve had the same problem as you. The two boom method solved the problem:

How to fix a windsurfing mast stuck together.

Good luck! )

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