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Advantage of twinsers?

Posted by Scott 
Advantage of twinsers?
26 June '07 | 6:57pm
What are the actual advantages of using twinsers over a single fin. Has anyone used them recently, apart from on the older boards of about 10 years ago. I remember that they didn't really work that well in cross on, more choppy conditions that you can get in Europe because they did not track that well when not wave riding.

Does anyone know more, or are we just going round in circles again?
Re: Advantage of twinsers?
26 June '07 | 7:09pm
the rock in DTL conditions in perfect waves, rubbish up wind !!! Very rippy on the wave face but will slide out easliy so keep the rail in !!!

If you have perfect conditions get one ... Josh angluo used them first with his broter MArk in the eraly ninties

Re: Advantage of twinsers?
26 June '07 | 8:44pm
We will have a full video feature on this in 2 weeks time, including comments from all the pros: Kauli, Levi, Polakow, Baker, Angulo etc etc and comments from shaper Keith Teboul who will be releasing a production twinser in the 08 Quatro range!

All the best,

big dave
Re: Advantage of twinsers?
28 June '07 | 9:29am
How longs it take to edit a bit of video? They'll be out of fashion again in 2 weeks!

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