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Simmer Style Talent Academy

Posted by tws 
Simmer Style Talent Academy
10 February '13 | 6:13pm
We are going to be based out of the brand new Tenerife Windsurfing Solution (TWS) centre in the South Bay of El Medano. From here I will put together an individual training course tailored to your specific needs and experience. We will set an overall goal for what you want to achieve during the week and start working towards it step by step.

We can work on pretty much any given level from top to bottom. Whether you want to push yourself past the fear of rotating through your first forward loop or you just need that last bit of advice to get the landing right in your pushloops. Maybe your bottomturn needs a bit of work or you want to start training the rotation and timing of doing a wave 360, there is always some aspect of your sailing that can be improved and that is what we are going to work full power with all week.

We are also lucky to have established a collaboration with GoPro from which we get some of the best watersports cameras avalible to use during the clinic. We are going to set you up with a camera for some of your sessions and then we are going to look through the video footage so that we can get a closeup look at what you can do to improve your sailing, which is one of the most effective ways of correcting your mistakes.

Furthermore one of the main themes of this clinic is to teach you how to set yourself a long term goal and start achieving it step by step. That is why I will be giving a lecture for two evenings where I will be talking about different ways of supporting your goals and keep working in the right direction, whether it’s through sponsorship, funds or exploiting the oppertunities that your country has to offer for sports people.

You will also be given your own folder which contains a lot of golden information on the theories and mechanisms behind modern day sponsorships which will give you a solid footplant in your own search for sponsorships in the future.

For more go to

TWS : Tenerife Windsurf Solution. [www.facebook.com]

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