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No more cold hand problems while windsurfing!

Posted by gazmac 
No more cold hand problems while windsurfing!
12 February '13 | 6:37pm
Just thought I'd let everyone know about the new 'Ianovated' wetsuit I've been using for the last month. Iniatially I was a bit sceptical that the suit would make any significant difference (as my current suit is the superb O'neill psycho2 5:3) but it does. I'm now windsurfing in unbeliveably low temperatures and not simply surviving but having fun; comfortable enough to be happy trying freestyle.
I used to sail in no lower than 8C/46F and even in that I would have to stop every 5-10 min (depending on windchill) in order to shake my hands warm.
About 2 weeks ago I sailed for two hours (inland UK lake) ....2C/35F water temp., AIR was 3.5C dropping to 2C/35F ( last hr was sleet! ) with gusts up to 38knots averaging 27 knots and I had a great session.....only one out for some reason smiling smiley . Only time I stopped sailing was due to tiredness not cold.
Can't recommend this new suit and hand heating tube system enough.....if you need a new winter wetsuit buying this really is a no brainer. If your missing out on good local conditions because its too cold you should seriously consider one.
Bad points?
People asking every 5 min...whats that sticking out of your suit mate! Definately use the black tubes supplied.
Very slight extra stiffness around shoulders (dry zip and tubes)....only really noticable when you first put on...and still plenty flexible for any maneuver.
Takes extra energy to blow through the tubes...but even in above conditions I only needed to blow down tubes 3/4 times per 3/4 mile reach after a good dunking, 1/2 times if you stay dry after transistion to maintain warm hands, so again not a major issue.
You end up sailing in such cold conditions that rigging up/getting changed and first few reaches can be pretty miserable until your body heat kicks in.
You can forget your sailing in such extreme conditions...so be extra careful if sailing without rescue cover!
All in all though well worth the few very minor issues to defeat cold hands and get an enjoyable day on the water.

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