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Need some camera help!!

Posted by Ben proffitt 
Ben proffitt
Need some camera help!!
30 June '07 | 10:25am
Ok, I need some help!

I want to buy a new camcorder but not sure what to get and where to get it!
I don?t really want to spend more than ?700!
Footage is to be used on website and for DVD?s
Do I get HD (high def) or 3ccd?
I?m going to need to get a doubler! Is that a problem?

These are the ones I?ve been looking at:
Canon HV10
Sony HDR HC3
Panasonic GS500 or GS300

What do you think?
Anyone got some useful info before I buy the wrong one?!
Also where to get the best deal would be good!

I?d really appreciate any advice..
camera genius
Re: Need some camera help!!
30 June '07 | 3:09pm
buy a telescope you nerd!!!!!!!!!!
mega kas
Re: Need some camera help!!
15 July '07 | 6:34pm
Hey Ben

Planning on making some 'home movies' eh? (;

Check out Panasonic HDC-SD1

It records HD video to 3 CCDs onto SD cards. SD cards means no moving parts to jam or get jiggled when things get busy. You can now buy SD cards in 8GB sizes for about ?40. In the UK the camera is ?699 but I bought one on US amazon and got my aunt to bring it over when she visited. ?420!!

I bought mine to record my new baby son but as it has a 12x optical zoom it might be good for recording people on the water too. (;

The footage is awesome but editing it on a PC is a chore as there isn't really too much software - yet - and you need a fast machine.

Take it easy
Re: Need some camera help!!
15 July '07 | 8:33pm
heres the best answer...

Canon have amazing autofocus, great lenses but are fragile

Sony HDRs are really good all rounders and hold their value.

Always buy HDV now, SD is dead and even if you acquire HDV most camcorders will output SD for monitoring on normal TVs.

Then its down to editing platforms, HDV takes up no more space than SD DV but its best to get out of HDV format for editing and thats a disc hungry game. I'd suggest u use Final Cut Express on a mac with a big firewire 800 drive attached.

Don't forget u need a fluid head tripod, everyone gets that wrong!

Cheapest place to buy, tottenham court road in london. A bit of bartering can knock off as much as a grand!

good luck!!

p.s. don't ever sell anyone elses sail through skype again, he's miffed!!!
ben proffitt
Re: Need some camera help!!
16 July '07 | 10:16am
cheers boys...
So, What camera should i buy for ?600-?700!
I'm just going to go buy it now.. info overload!! I've only got a little pea brain!! ha ha!

p.s Don't know why he's miffed.. he got a bargain!
Ben proffitt
Re: Need some camera help!!
22 July '07 | 7:54pm
I know everyone is really interested in which camera i decided to go for!!
I went for the Sony Hc7 hdv!
?680.. bit expensive but about 5 people in the know said to go for it so i bit the bullet!!
...you can all sleep easy now!!! ha ha

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