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North Wales 22/05 NW - Wind from left

Posted by Urmel 
North Wales 22/05 NW - Wind from left
21 May '13 | 10:44am
Hi, I just moved to the North-Wales Area and was wondering, if there is any spot for windsurfing with wind from the left for North West wind like tomorrow (Jumping - Port Tack, Riding - Starboard Tack). Maybe Colwyn Bay or LLandudno main beach? Doesn't need to be a world class break. Just something that is working and maybe other people are around.
Re: North Wales 22/05 NW - Wind from left
25 June '13 | 2:17pm
You would think that this stretch of coast would offer some good sailing , but having lived and sailed here all my life , 48 years , I can tell you its just not that good and you will probably be sailing on your own at the two places you mention , but here are a few thing I have learnt over the years , Llandudno north shore is probably the best place in a n or nw wind along here but it is critical the tide is out , you probably have about 2hrs either side of low water to sail , otherwise the shore dump is murderous , a real danger , do not attempt to sail around mid or high tide you will trash your kit and put yourself in trouble. It needs to be a strong wind to make it past the shadow of the great orme and you would be best sailing a slightly bigger board than usual due to the gustiness. We usually launch from in front of the Venue Cymru theatre as the wind shadow is less here and it gives you enough space upwind of the little orme if things go pear shaped ! Having said that once or twice a year conditions come together and there can be good waves and wind here , if its on myself and some of the crew from Aloha Sailboards might be there and I have spotted Adrian from Boardseeker there too so its definitely worth a look on a low tide north or north westerly.
Re: North Wales 22/05 NW - Wind from left
7 October '13 | 10:33am
Thanks bucko,
What about the Red Wharf Bay. This spot is mentioned in the windsurfing guide europe to work in NW wind directions?

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