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100% carbon mast 3.70 2012 for sale

Posted by colin newing 
100% carbon mast 3.70 2012 for sale
31 May '13 | 5:56pm
Vandal 100% carbon mast 3.70 2012 for sale. Firm top so will suit Naish Gaastra Vandal sails. Offers tel 07815771796
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29 November '13 | 6:10am
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Re: 100% carbon mast 3.70 2012 for sale
1 December '13 | 7:40am
I have had veplas until broken, now I am kitesurfing instead. Best Regards : The Kitesurf Lady.

kitesurf tanfolyam

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11 October '14 | 4:14am
I think 60 % carbon windsurf mast is enough, more rigid and still responsive.

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