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second-hand boards

Posted by blue-moves 
second-hand boards
22 September '13 | 4:52pm
Hi, I've been offered a job-lot of old boards from a business currently in transition.. they say they haven't got the time to sell them and can't be bothered.. There's 8 boards, 3 sails and 3 booms.

I was just wondering if anyone here could tell me if it's worth my bother picking them up, storing them (in my flat!) and ultimately selling them on ebay or similar..?

What kind of second-hand value might they have? and how best to go about selling them to the right people?

The boards are well used but seem to be in reasonable condition - not that I know anything about what to look for..!

Here's the details I've managed to scribble down:

1. Bic Reggae - 11'

2. Bic Fun Slalom 265 (tempo) [honeycomb sandwich world cup edition] (Racetek CCK) - 8' 9"

3. Tiga 268 SLR [slalom 6.0] - 8' 9"

4. Chris Sharman Jackson [no bullshit] - 8' 5"

5. Tiga 285 - 9' 5"

6. DROPS slalom [mario vinti shape] [sandwhich vacuum system] - 8' 9"

7. Tiga 8' 2"

8. ICARUS Ltd. Edition Skinner Bottom - England (Falmarine Sailboards Penryn England) - 10'

hope someone can give me some tips smiling smiley



pm me at blue-moves at hotmail com
Re: second-hand boards
23 September '13 | 1:08pm
I wouldn't bother. There all very old and pretty much worthless. Infact there's a good argument for taking them to a tip as a good deed so that some poor bugger doesn't buy them on ebay and get put off windsurfing for life.

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