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Posted by Paul 
7 July '07 | 1:55pm
I'm sure this has been done a million times before but i'm planning a last minute trip to Dahab at the end of July, i've been windsurfing about six months (just getting in to footstraps) and love it, the only issue is that i have a wife that restricts me - hence, take her to Dahab so she can learn in a nice womb venue etc etc.

However there are two problems that i can foresee

1. Is it too hot to sit on the beach or do anything else other than being in the water? - an average temp of 40 degrees seams pretty warm to me.

2. What else is there to do apart from windsurf and dive?

Any advice would be greatfully recieved - my future windsurfing career depends on this holiday!
Re: Dahab
11 July '07 | 2:30pm
Dahab is pretty damn hot in July but plenty of people seem to have no problems doing nothing but sit on the beach all day and work on there tan. Personally I found it to hot to do much of anything but windsurf, and recover from windsurfing. Dahab Bays pretty much 7 hotels, attached windsurfing centres and bars and nothing else, the towns about 2km away. Its possible to wakeboard, ride up and down the beach on a horse, quad bike in the desert, swim, windsurf and dive/snorkel but theres not much else. Activities are a bit sparse on the ground but there are several good day trips to St Catherine monastry, Jordan to see Petra and even to the pyramids and back. There all long long days though, getting up at 4am and in at 1am if going to Petra.

Most of the centres run evening events of the dinner with the Bedouin, Camel ride and BBQ variety and its very easy to get a taxi into town from the hotels.

Everytime we've been and everyone we've met experenced a day or more off the water due to the shits over the course of a week so i'd stock up on the required medication.

It is very windy at that time of year and if your wifes in the early stages of learning it might not be the best place for a gentle introduction. More often than not the beginner groups couldn't sail as it was to windy or were out a 7.30am or late in the evening when the wind had died down.

Take gloves, super glue and lots of tape as your hands will get trashed. 6 hours sailing a day in F4-6 does damage.
Andy Bubble Chambers
Re: Dahab
11 July '07 | 7:41pm
Hi Paul hows it going? I have worked in Dahab for the last 4 years at Club Dahab (part of Club Vass). July is a great time to go but it will be hot and potentially hell windy!! You would have a geat time for sure but possibly it might get a bit breezy for your other half. If your windsurfing life depends on one windsurfing holiday i would reccomend more that you go to Club Vass in Greece as there is lot more other things for you both to do on your hoiday if the wind doesn't blow, like rent a car and check out the rest of the island which is very nice, and you can go diving, snorkelling, Boat safaris etc.

Also it is much more geared up for beginners and improvers as in the morning it blows ight onshore and then in the afternoon it swings cross shore and gets nice and windy - perfect for you! Also the social life is pretty good!! Good food - no shits etc!!

You can check out the website - www.clubvass.com for more info.

Email me for more info!

hope this helps!



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