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Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll

Posted by Louise Emery 
Louise Emery
Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
1 August '07 | 4:18pm
It's a tough one as both thought they were in the right. Unfortunately because neither sailor complained to the judging team, we will never know the official answer. But I will stick my neck out and say Phil was in the wrong as Pete was riding the wave. Any other opinions out there?
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
2 August '07 | 7:53am
what is the first rule in sailing, avoid collissions at all costs! doesn't look like they both try and avoid it?

looks like the guy on the white try's to hit him?

lucky no one was hurt!

i bet the repair shop had another good days business though :-)
getoutof theway
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
2 August '07 | 2:57pm
Phil's right of way I would say. In wavesailing the person riding the wave stays clear of those jumping, as they are deemed to have more options as to where to goto. The only way Phil could hve avoided him was to bear away even further, and risk sailing straight through him at 600mph. Looks like Pete actually tried to mess up Phils jump by getting close enough to send him upwind.
Joe F
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
2 August '07 | 6:11pm
looks like a tactitacl thing from Peter Volwater, but Horrocks maybe could have judged it a bit earlier. Going out has right of way in the waves though! Maybe Peter Volwater still was on racing rules.. of, which there are none
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
4 August '07 | 7:47pm
while typicaly the rider coming in on a wave yeilds to the rider going out, I do not think it true in this case. This basic rule applies mainly to down the line wave sailing. Here though both riders have power and speed and therefore options. In this case I would rule that the rider going out should have bared off and found another ramp. He was late to the lip for a good jump and had better vision, speed, and power on where his options were to avoid collision. The rider sailing backside had less vision, speed, and power. Therefore, less options.
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
5 August '07 | 2:31pm
Anyone want to know the real answer?


try getting your head round this? enough rules in there to cause an accident! ;-)
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
6 August '07 | 7:07pm
Phil should have complained to the judges and Pete with all his experience should have known better!!!!

Can't believe the judges didn't call it though. Slack gits that they are.

Poor Phil. Don't know what the rest of the heat was like but if he was anyway near beating Pete he must be gutted.

dirk digler
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
7 August '07 | 3:50pm
I personally know both guys and I know for sure its not the first time Pete has slammed hard into Phil whilst backside riding.
On a previous occasion I had the pleasure to watch Pete repeatedly try this trick, finally throwing buckets of white spray over Phils back.
Horrocks had a smile on his face and seemed to be totally enjoying the experience as he maiinly prefers to be on the receiving end of this kind of move.

Please excuse my spelling and grammar as I come from Portsmouth.
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
8 August '07 | 10:50pm
This is a tough one,

you have to think that not everyone knows what's going through the other sailors mind as they fly towards each other?

maybe they didn't see each other?

these guys are pretty focussed during a contest, are they watching everything around them?

maybe they need some kind of traffic lights as they sure as hell aren't playing by the same rules? maybe its a foriegn thing? maybe the rules are opposite abroad??

as for dirk digler, you sound like a bit of an idiot......... but, you are from portsmouth.... or is it southampton? ;-)
dirk digler
Re: Pete .v. Phil Crash Poll
8 September '07 | 11:27pm
Hello ok yu got mi i got me dad to spellcheque mi post so i cud try an pritend to be dirk digla
but im frum fairhum neer potsmuth so im nut thit brite
surrey i luv bodceeka xxx

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