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what if one invents a new trick?

Posted by ZeeBara 
what if one invents a new trick?
5 August '07 | 1:09pm
Does anyone know what to do if you invent a freestyle trick and want to name it yourself and make it official all around the world? smiling smiley
dirk digler
Re: what if one invents a new trick?
7 August '07 | 4:02pm
If you invent a new trick and can do the move yourself get a photographer and video guy to capture the move in a sequence or on film. Make sure you note down the date of the action.

Then send it in to your favourite windsurf media, in uk that could be one of the two magazines, or internet sites such as bseeker. Here you have to trust the people that they don't steal your move and let it slip to some pro friends of the mags who then go out and copy it with a pro camera man and steal your limelight.

Having said that it would be funny to knock up some crazy new easy move and send it to a certain mag.

If the next week after some wind you saw donny riphard walking around on crutches you would know how bent the mags can be.

If you can't do it your only chance to get it named yourself is to talk nicely to some one who can and do the same thing, sharing the limelight.

Apologies for my bad spelling and grammar, as I used to work for one of the afore mentioned mags myself.

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