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What is it?!

Posted by Boardseeker 
What is it?!
8 August '07 | 4:18pm
So what is it?!! A clew first ponch, a switch stance ponch, a clew first shuv-it spock or something else?!!! Suggestions here please....

If you havent seen the move yet, check it here: [www.boardseekermag.com]
Re: What is it?!
8 August '07 | 5:57pm
clew-first flatwater cheeseroll
jem hall
Re: What is it?!
8 August '07 | 6:01pm
conch - clew first ponch me thinks
Re: What is it?!
8 August '07 | 6:56pm
Switch stance clew first ponch
Re: What is it?!
8 August '07 | 9:53pm
I think it is something similar to gollito's burner, just without going backwinded and switchstance. - A clew first burner? maybe
freestyle gimp :-)
Re: What is it?!
8 August '07 | 10:39pm
its not a ponch. In a ponch the sail goes upwind before the rider pops over the top, here the sail goes downwind, that means its either a clew first cheese roll or a ropey clew first spock,


something new?

i'd heard in margarita they were calling it a fanjita, my mate came back from the PWA fuerte event and said all the guys were trying to score a decent fanjita??? i heard its pretty hard to do though?

Re: What is it?!
9 August '07 | 6:16pm
im pretty sure that it is a clew first ponch as when you watch this video in the link below it is exactly the same by kiri and its called a clew first ponch!!


Jay K-898
Re: What is it?!
9 August '07 | 6:53pm
clonch: clewfirst ponch. The name is so silly, I wouldn't if do it...hahaha
Re: What is it?!
10 August '07 | 7:28am
My opinion is. If you call it ponch, then it should be called not a clewfirst ponch, but switchstance ponch. Because the clew doesn't pass through the wind. It's the same situation as with, for example - flaka on starboard looks nearly the same as clew first switchstance spock on port tack/
Ben Proffitt
Re: What is it?!
10 August '07 | 10:23am
I agree.. it is a Switch Stance Ponch!!
Well slightly different... but that is the movement (just an upwind one!)!! hence why everybody learnt it so qiuck in fuerte!
Re: What is it?!
10 August '07 | 12:26pm
Hi all, I saw your comments about the move, and as I'm thomas, the guy you can see on the photo sequence , I just wanted to tell my opinion.....
If some people ( like continentseven )initially called this move a clew first ponch, it's beause they didn't know how call it , and it's true that it "looks like " a ponch ,more or less , and the sail is clew first at the beginning... But the rotation has nothing to do with a ponch, as someone already said: a ponch is an upwind rotation , this move is a downwind rotation. Only one more thing: to make this move, I ( and everybody else I guess) just go full speed , straight (in a goiter, you have to make a curve before jumping ),and put my sail down(like a backside air) and try to turn around, like in a cheeseroll .. so I think this move is between a clew first cheeseroll and a clew first shove it spock...
Re: What is it?!
10 August '07 | 12:38pm
and to reply to Ben ( hi Ben! ) ,Telling this move is a "switch goiter, but an upwind one" you can also say a clew first spock is a switch flaka, but an upwind one!! The comparaison is the same !! Then a clew first flaka is an eslider, but an upwind one as well, etc... Don't forget about the way you go!!
ben proffitt
Re: What is it?!
10 August '07 | 5:11pm
ooopps.. that told me!!! ...ok, I'll go for the 'clewfirst shovit spock' then! ...although I still think it's a very similar motion to a switch goiter (as the sail hits the water) ...Anthony's one looks the best in my opinion! Shame he crashes!!
Keep up the good work.. see you in Sylt!
SJ k 41.3
Re: What is it?!
10 August '07 | 9:13pm
i think the that the guy that said clewfirst cheeseroll is spot on

it?s not a ponch?because on a ponch you throw the sail into the wind
though it is quite like a burner without switch and the first bit of the sail through
Nick Winnall
Re: What is it?!
11 August '07 | 6:34am
Its impossible without rubber legs and no fear.
Rob S
Re: What is it?!
16 August '07 | 8:24am
I reckon it's a clutter-flip ! Frederik Stein created the gutter-flip, which is a shuvit into cheeseroll, and this is just a clew-first gutterflip. Or its a clew-screw ... a clew-first cheese-roll, but those have been around for a while and this definitely looks new!
Re: What is it?!
30 August '07 | 4:31pm
It's like a CF flatwater cheese roll in my opinion ... it only looks new because it hasn't been done on flatwater before.


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