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Sail Tuning

Posted by Boardseeker 
Sail Tuning
8 August '07 | 4:53pm
Discuss the sail tuning quiz and topic [www.boardseekermag.com] here.....

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Re: Sail Tuning
8 August '07 | 11:06pm
eerrrr..... no.......!!!!!

This is Boardseeker not boards.....!!!

Boardseeker is for cool people who like the action and cool stuff in windsurfing..... Boards is where people need to go to discuss the fine tuning of there carbon pre-preg no 3 batten vs. their traditional glass fiber tubular rod batten..... Get a grip!!!

Windsurfing is a cool sick sport!!!!! techy's watch out!!! :-)

Re: Sail Tuning
9 August '07 | 3:09am
I'm using Ezzy Sails / Masts ... I have the opposite combination to what is suggested. ie you usually use a larger top than bottom, however I have a larger bottom than top. Will this make the sail stiffer or looser?
Re: Sail Tuning
9 August '07 | 10:15am
?! Tis is about question #5.!? We have North sails at our center. And there is totally different story with them. As soon as you increase downhaul tension the "distance between where the boom fastens to the mast and the clew (ie the boom length)" gets LESS. It looks like north masts are bent on the top only. Or I'm wrong?
Re: Sail Tuning - Ezzys
4 September '07 | 6:26am
Just a quick bump on this one.

I'm using the opposite to what they recommend for my 5.2m. I have 430Bottom 400Top. I'm not sure if this will make the mast stiffer or looser? and what affect this will have on the sail dynamics?

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