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Public transport with windsurf kit in UK

Posted by Hamish Miller 
Hamish Miller
Public transport with windsurf kit in UK
16 August '07 | 4:02am

I am just about to come to the UK from NZ and I am bringing over my windsurf kit with me. I have to get from London to Glasgow sometime btw the 23 and 27th or Aug, and am wondering what is the easiest & cheapest (im a student) way to do this with windsurf kit in tow (only 1 bag and 25kg). I was thinking of getting a train but I'm not too sure if they will allow my windsurf kit?

Any suggestions?
Huw Davies
Re: Public transport with windsurf kit in UK
17 August '07 | 6:12am
Yeah, whack it on the train. I've taken 2 boards and a very full quiver bag from a london airport to west wales before by tube and train. A bus is prob a no though. I'm trying to dredge my memory as to where i put the kit, i certainly put it down in the standing area by the doors on the tube, and stood next to it. On the train i maybe put it in the guards van, where the bicycles go, unless it was a commutor style train where you walk straight into the carriage. I don't remember any hassle. If you do get a difficult conductor you could always wait for the next one..
Hamish Miller
Re: Public transport with windsurf kit in UK
29 August '07 | 8:20am

I ended up putting my gear on the train from london to glasgow, was all good. Only problem I had was trying to get my gear from the train station to my flat 4miles away. None of the taxis would take it! ended up waiting for 2 hours until a taxi driver said he would take me!

Re: Public transport with windsurf kit in UK
29 August '07 | 8:43pm
Are you going to glasgow Uni?if so I can give you some contact details for the windsurfing club there. Also the Clyde windsurfing club would be a good opertunity to meet up with other sailors (with cars). Not sure if you can get the train down here to helensburgh with your kit, people just get on with bikes and stand with them. Its only a 5 min walk from the station this end to the nearest sailing spot. Board bag with wheels would be good.

Beware - I went to uni many moons ago, I went by train, with board and a roof rack, all I needed was someone with a car. Met a girl with a car. And next thing I know I have been married to her for 19 years.


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