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General view on Twinsers?

Posted by boardseeker 
General view on Twinsers?
26 August '07 | 8:56am
There has been quite a lot of hype over the last few months on the come back of twinsers and small multiple fins, this issue we took a bit of an insight. We are wondering if it is just hype, will manufacturers follow it up or are they the future of wavesailing?

The big question is, are they relevant to the allround coastal wave sailor, or are they too specific? Any views, if a brand launched a range tomorrow, would you buy one?
attila tivadar
Re: General view on Twinsers?
26 August '07 | 3:53pm
one small correction on the order of twin fins and twinsers (twinzers) A twinzer is a varient of the twin fin with smaller fins slightly ahead and to the outide of the main fins. This is different than what is known as a 'quad' where the smaller fins are behind the main fins. you may want to refer to the new twins as twiners. Anyway we all know what you mean to say in your writings, and the intereviews with Taboul and others was great. Keep up the good content.

after seeing footage of Kauli in Sal I have been wanting to try a twin like his. His linking of turns was so impressive.

Re: General view on Twinsers?
29 August '07 | 8:49pm
Quattro have launched a range of twinsers based on Kauli's boards. For me it would definately be a case of I'd have to try one before I bought one. Having said that I did have a custom quad fin in the early 80's, once I'd got the hand of sailing a tea tray I loved the board.


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