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Need help with shove-its

Posted by Dennis 
Need help with shove-its
14 September '07 | 3:44pm

I'm trying to learn the shove-it for a while now, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I'm learning it in small chop (i don't have any waves near me) and what I do is that i try to find a steep piece of chop and carve into it and then I kinda throw myself on the sail and push down with my hands. What happens next is that I feel the power from the other side of the sail (don't know if I take off at that time or not) and then my mast hits the water and i fly in over it.

What do I do wrong, what should I even do in a Shove-it? And how do you do it in flat water?

All the best
Re: Need help with shove-its
18 September '07 | 5:21pm
Try looking here for more help: [www.boardseekermag.com]
Yarden meir
Re: Need help with shove-its
23 September '07 | 1:02pm
hey man listen the real key for this move is to lift your feet up so the board will go up wind within a second! and than when you do this youre body will come forword automaticli and than you just fall on the sail work on thatt and the finishing of the move will come faster...

greatz.. Yarden....smiling smiley
Re: Need help with shove-its
26 September '07 | 6:47pm
What do you mean by lifting your feet? When? To get your board out of the water, or to dig in the rail?
Re: Need help with shove-its
28 September '07 | 3:29am
He means that you need to drive the board into a quick upwind carve by not only banking the board but by using your ankles and pressuring hard through the footstraps. This is what he means by pulling the feet up (its really more about flexing the ankles and bringing the toes and foot up into the straps before falling over the sail). It helps to turn the front foot in the strap so that the lateral surface of your foot is contacting the deck pad under the strap. This helps give some extra angulation for the quick carve. This is a tip given to me by Wyatt Miller, a pro Gorge sailor and it really helped my initiation. A longer carve slows you down too much and kills the back pressure needed to pop back upright. Go into the move with good speed, even slightly overpowered. Sometimes you'll go to backwind the sail and you'll get tossed all the way onto your back. Cool feeling!

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