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Northshore seat covers??

Posted by tomk156 
Northshore seat covers??
27 September '07 | 6:10pm
hey! does anyone know where i can get some northshore seat covers for my van (one single, one double)? i remember them from a few years back but i cant find any on the net! will buy second hand if anyone has any in good condition too..
any clues would be greatly appreciated!
Big G
Re: Northshore seat covers??
2 October '07 | 7:50am
I tried unsuccesfully about 18 months ago and was told they had gone bust... animal do some but not as hawaiian. If you happen to be in Hawaii (!) then you can get a cotton fabric version that isn't as waterproof but looks similar . i prefered the northshore version. Definitely an opening if someone wants to produce a sequel. G
Re: Northshore seat covers??
10 October '07 | 4:28pm
I noticed Mr Proffitt was sporting some pretty sweet O'Shea seat covers in his van. Can't see them on the website but give them a call.
Re: Northshore seat covers??
11 October '07 | 11:15am
cheers for the posts guys, so far I reckon there are no northshore covers left in the country so iv had to look at some other options.. the o'shea ones are available at extreme pie, (www.extremepie.com), some places still have this years animal covers, which are ok, but i'v been lucky enough to see a sneaky peek at the summer 2008 seat covers from animal and they look pimp! so im holding out for them, i believe they are available soon..
Re: Northshore seat covers??
16 October '07 | 1:01pm
Where have you seen that stocks the animal ones? can't seem to find them on the net...
Re: Northshore seat covers??
16 October '07 | 9:34pm
i went into an animal store and they got out the summer 2008 brochure and they were in there.. think you shoud be able to order them in around now.. only on special order though.. there doesnt seem to be any of the old animal covers left anywhere!
Mick Day
Re: Northshore seat covers??
17 October '07 | 11:17pm
follow this link for some good covers from Germany [www.freestyleworld.com]
All the best
Scott McFarlane
Re: Northshore seat covers??
11 December '07 | 9:23am
I have seen this mentioned on the boards site also so I forwarded this thread to the guys at Drift boardbags. I recently ordered a bag from them and have to say was impressed with the quality and price and as they have just started out thought they may be interested in this.

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