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Tiree Event

Posted by Louise (Boardseeker Editor) 
Louise (Boardseeker Editor)
Tiree Event
28 September '07 | 9:07am
The Boardseeker HQ moves to Tiree for a MONTH!! The Team arrives on Saturday 29th with the rest of the UK Pros hot footing their way from Sylt to make the Tuesday afternoon ferry in time for the UKWA event.

Then, of course, the PWA starts on 6th October. So if you have any specific questions for any of the pro riders, want to know anything about the event, or want any inside stories/gossip then let us know and we will gladly oblige!!!

This link will be open for the next month as we experience all Tiree can offer (hopefully wind and waves and NOT North-east cold, high pressures) so keep in touch!


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Louise Boardseeker
Re: Tiree Event
30 September '07 | 10:35pm
Well the island is filling up with windsurfers. No wind since we arrived on Saturday but the forecast is good for the first day of the UK event on Wednesday. Some of the PWA sailors are arriving on the Tuesday evening ferry although Kauli Seadi is flying in on the plane on Tuesday afternoon without his kit (the plane is a wee tiny one)!

However, Scotland's No.1 windsurfer and Quatro teamrider, Scotty McDowell, has offered to lend him his 76litre for Tuesday afternoon until Kauli's kit turns up on the ferry!

Now with 6 wild cards up for grabs in the UK contest, it should be three full on competition days. A perfect warm up for the PWA event which starts on Saturday 6th.

That's all for now!
Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event
3 October '07 | 9:50pm
Well it's been a typical Tiree day! South-east winds meant the competition started early at The Maze. The farmer's gate was opened at 7.15am and by 8am most of the fleet were rigged and ready. It was only two waves to count, no jumping as the wind was too offshore but good, chunky sets allowing the sailors to show off their finest!

Rich Jones had a great day as did Graham Woods - two teenagers still in the last 12 of the Pro fleet. That's a first for them. Killer heat of the day was Finn Mullen .v. Mark Hosegood .v. Ben Proffitt. But Ben sailed a solid heat to take the win with Finn in second. Jamie Hancock, last years winner, beat Phil Horrocks but because of the reportage system Phil got another chance and progressed furthur to meet John Skye in the last 12 - tough heat for both sailors.

The Masters, Amateurs and Youth fleets also got underway. Stand outs were Scott McDowell from Troon in the Amatuers and Dave Edminston, also from Troon, in the Masters. We also welcomed Steve Jarvis to the Youth fleet, this being his first major competition and he did himself proud finishing 3rd in the Youths.

So the wind did what it said it would and went south and died off. Competition was called off around 3.30pm and with that we all left The Maze for tea & showers!!

Forecast tommorow if for North-west first thing but dying quickly so we doubt we will get any more official competition until Friday when it is forecast to blow ole boots from the south.
Re: Tiree Event
3 October '07 | 10:02pm
What size kit was everyone on, and what were they doing in the heats? If the wind blows from the south, where do you reckon they will go?
Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event
4 October '07 | 8:29am
Most of the guys were on 5.3m sails and 80 ish liter boards. Wind was really light (no planing on the way out) and waves were a bit weak, but good enough for 2 rides to count in 8 minute heats.

Kauli came out for a quick practice session on a 4.7 and tiny board - have to say that he looked in a league of his own. Lots of fast turns and working the wave a lot more like a surfer.

We didnt really get far enough to see who was looking the best out of the UK lot, but Proffitt, King, Horrocks and Hancock were looking good as usual. John Skye has bad flu (from Sylt) so was looking pretty ill on the beach! Hopefully he should be ok by the time the PWA starts.

Forecast is for good southerly winds tomorrow which means either cross (slightly on) at the Maze, but swell has dropped at moment so we may end up at Balephuil which will be more onshore (port tack) but most likely to bring the waves in.

Will keep you posted!
Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event
8 October '07 | 8:25am
Well its not quite windy enough this morning and there is no swell.

The wind is forecast to pick up, but it will be unlikely that competition will take place at the Maze unless the swell picks up. More likely competition will be cross on Port tack at Balephuil.

All the main guys are here. Loads of them are ill after Sylt (colds and flu's etc), but all loving the Isle of Tiree! We have had 2 beautiful sunny days to settle in and now all we need is some wind and waves!

We have been busy making the most of the calm weather to get plenty of interviews for our new Annual DVD and also for the magazine. We have some great interviews now to come over the following weeks.

Anyway, will keep you posted when we know more!
Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event
8 October '07 | 8:59pm
Well a bit of a dissapointing day today. We had wind, but not quite enough swell to make things happen.

Gott Bay was windy (4.7m weather) but had no waves. Crossapol had some waves (waist to shoulder high) but was bang onshore and a bit light. Balephuil had Cross on port tack with waist to shoulder high waves in the sets and 5.3 weather, but not quite enough consistency for the event to happen.

They did an expression session and stated the first heat (Hibbard vs Pearch) but Pearch spent half the heat not planing and that was the end! As they called it off, the wind picked up a bit and sailors had a fun free sail as dark descended.

Forecast has sharpened up a bit again now, so hopes are running high for Thursday!
Re: Tiree Event
9 October '07 | 12:02pm
different gott to where we sailed yesterday 5.0 for ladies and 5.5 to 5.7 for the rest.........
louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event
9 October '07 | 2:53pm
You must be hauling one fat ass around the bay because I was on a 4.5, and Adrian and the 3 Club Vass guys (including UK Freestyle Champ Andy Chambers) were all on 4.7m and well powered up!!

Maybe you packed up early as we sailed there until 5pm and were pretty much the last group off the water?

Look forward to seeing you at a beach over the next few days!
Re: Tiree Event - Skunked or not?
10 October '07 | 7:48am
The forecast as of Wednesday morning suggests there's a fair chance of some heats going down this afternoon, and then maybe a few more early Thursday morning. It takes six hours to run through a single elimination assuming 12 minute heats, and there's maybe 2 hours wind today and tomorrow, so they'll be lucky to get all the way through.
Then the rest of Thursday and Friday looks like it's going to just hover around the 13-14 knts mark. The big hope is now Saturday with pretty solid southerly/ssw winds all day. That would be port tack at the maze right?

The chances of waves are much better. Tiree is well exposed to swells, but at the same time sits on a big slab of shallow water, so smaller swells don't penetrate to its beaches that well, but there's a 12 foot 10 second swell which will have no problems turning into a logo-mast high swell.

So it could go either way. An awesome finale to the best PWA wave tour there has ever been, or a skunked at the last. What other sport keeps you guessing like this??
Re: Tiree Event - Skunked or not?
10 October '07 | 4:36pm
Some of the conditions in the video look better than some at Sylt in recent years. It's surprising they didnt at least start some competition. Surely if one person is not planing and the other is then it is a question of just taking a bigger board and sail.

I hope they get some results in, or they will be kicking themselves. I suppose as it is the decider for the overall title they can be a little picky since they have already got some good competitions counting.

Does anyone know what the last day they can have as competition is?
Colin B
Re: Tiree Event - Skunked or not?
10 October '07 | 7:25pm
Agree with that Rich. There is a wee bit of a history of 'waiting for the forecast' over the years at the Tiree event, which can backfire, rather than just taking what is out there. Appreciate fully this is the finale of the World Tour we are talking about here, but it seems a bit sad if it ends up with no result from Tiree, given that it looks from the online reports that there has been some useable wind so far. So fingers crossed for them all for the next few days. I am over there from this Sat, so fingers crossed for next week too!
Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event - Till Saturday
10 October '07 | 10:58pm
The competition can run till dark on Saturday and looking at the forecast it just may do that! Today was just not good enough - the photos look ok but the waves were very small and the wind very offshore. Today we wouldn't have sent out a UK Pro fleet let alone a PWA fleet. The Pros are quite relaxed about it except for those at the very top (Kauli + Victor) who would like a final showdown. But for the mid-fleet guys this is their last event of the year and most have been away from home since July so you get the feeling they can't wait till the weekend to fly out of here!!

A lot are also ill with some Tiree Man Flu that has been going around the island since last weekend. In the Boardseeker house we have run out of tissues and Lemsip as we just pass the flu around and around! John Skye brough it to the house first but since then we have all been ill with Phil Horrocks and Martin Francis taking the brunt of it.

Nik Baker has been ill and now John Hibbard was only just about communicating with the outside world at dinner tonight. Although he is sleeping in his van which can't help. Anyway, I'm not convinced about the wind tommorow, I think it will go too early as it is really blowing now (it's midnight). Saturday could be the day...
Re: Tiree Event - Till Saturday
11 October '07 | 7:03am
Maybe it's a bit of blue tongue. Surely there is enough whisky around to sort that out!

Are they going to run a surfing competition, reckon if there is not enough for your triple challenge it could be incentive for a pro surfing championship!

Anyway, keep up the updates there doesn't seem to be anywhere else knowing what is going on
Re: Tiree Event - Till Saturday
11 October '07 | 8:53am
From the wonders of the internet it still looks like Saturday is going to be the day with solid wind and waves all day. you've just got two more days of sitting around and driving from beach to beach getting increasingly frustrated to deal with!

However, around 14knts tomorrow predicted. Enough for wobble out and ride in wavesailing maybe - do you know if the PWA operate a wind minimum system, or is it just up to the head judge and if they think the conditions are ok they'll go for it?

please keep us up to date with the very latest Tiree Man Flu results. That could have a big impact on the overal standings and might even end up deciding the PWA champ this year, if either Victor or Kauli gets it. Are either of them in full quarantine?

If Hibbard's gone down does that mean an easy heat for Mat Pearch. That would set him up against Polakow and it's about time he made a name for himself!
An ill-Phil (Horrocks) could mean that Graham Woods gets through, which would be a major coup for him. Don't fancy his chances against the Evo king McKercher though!

If Martin Francis and Skyboy are both ill that would be one sick heat...!

Keep us informed
Re: Tiree Event - Till Saturday
11 October '07 | 9:38am
well all heroes tucked up in their base paying table tennis and generally looking a bit frustrated as of 1000 today - Louise -- fat ass managed to sail the maze yesterday - oh and the RAF were there - more in spririt than body tho - many thanks to the tour for getting the gate open and even more thanks for leaving us the beach to ourselves - we did lock the gate before anyone asks

praying for wind - well wind during the day rather than 0400

Re: Tiree Event - Till Saturday
12 October '07 | 9:57am
Is there any way of getting the PWA to extend the event dates? The forecast for Sun - Tuesday looks awesome, so can't they get all the guys to agree to run over? It would be so good to have a really great UK event to finish off this great PWA year?
Stats Geek Boy
Re: Tiree Event - The smart money betting guide!
12 October '07 | 10:23am
I'm loving my excel spreadsheet right now so here's my totally unofficial take on who's gonna win tomorrow in the big final day showdown (or more likely the limp wristed final lacklustre vinegar strokes of the best season ever in the waves - but never mind).

Currently the top three are Kauli 1st, Victor Fernandez Lopez 2nd and Josh Angulo 3rd. So what are their chances of sitting on that Sunday ferry crownded world champ?

If Kauli is 1st on Saturday that's it, he's world champ no matter what anyone does since he's been very consistent this year never coming worse than second at any event.

However if Victor gets first, then Kauli is out of luck since he'd lose it the harshest way possible - even if Kauli comes second they would be level on points at 8301, but Victor would be champ because he's had more event wins.

However, if Victor doesn't get the win he needs, it's much harder for him to win. Because has all those second places, if Kauli does shit in Tiree he simply discards it. In fact Kauli needs to do worse than come 13th in order to win overall, if Victor fails to win the Tiree event.

Does Josh have a chance? On paper yes, but both Kauli and Victor have to sail worse than they've sailed all year. They've both got to finish mid fleet while Josh wins it. But remember that God is on Josh's side up there, and the Tiree Man Flu could well have been sent by the big man himself. Personally I think He is setting up Tiree to run right to the wire on purpose.

It's so exciting I can hardly contain myself!
Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event - Man Flu update
12 October '07 | 11:10am
Man Flu updates: Hibbard is feeling better. Horrocks is nearly there. But another virus attacked the island resulting in projectile vomiting. Ian Jones (UKWA Chairman) was seen throwing up in the back of his van and PWA Event Tour Manager Rich Page has also been very poorly. Both are slightly better this morning but who knows which pro sailors they have passed it onto.

The Victor/Kauli race to the finish couldn't be closer. Victor's Dad is here with him no doubt to ease the nerves for his son and also, just maybe, celebrate a World Title win?? Well, Victor needs wind + waves all day on Saturday for them to complete the single elimination and then they have a result. The event DOES FINISH on Saturday night and with two ferries for the Sunday, the entire PWA set-up and sailors will be leaving the island. Some of the UK boys are staying on as the forecast looks good Monday/Tuesday. Coming all this way, they want some decent sailing so they are staying on.

At least we had some Pros out last night as they have been really lame. I know there is a lot at stake for a few of them, but they could at least stay out till 11pm ish. They don't have to drink but we are guessing the lack of pretty women (or more importantly the Sun Girls of past events) mena there is nothing for them to come out for!!

Obviously present company excluded, as I was out dancing to Skerryvore last night. I love a bit of Highland jiggy music and was whisking around the French boys who really hadn't a clue how to dance. A quiet night tonight then Skerryvore play again on Saturday for the Closing Ceremony.

I'm off to An Talla now so will report back on who's ill (half the fleet) who's bored (the whole fleet) and who is feeling worse for where after last night (only a hardcore few).

Oh, by the way, to BRUCE - If you got planing at the Maze the other day, then your ass can't be that bad. Come and find me and I can check it over!! I'm in the pimped up, Boardseeker van that gets stuck at the Maze because we got it lowered (doh).

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Louise (Boardseeker)
Re: Tiree Event
12 October '07 | 1:21pm
Oh it's so nearly 'do-able'. Sailors are planing at The Loch, we just need a few more knots for competition at Balevullin where the wave will be better than at The Maze.

It would bre great to get a few rounds done today and then the rest tommorow to complete that single elimination.

First up is a UK showdown between John Hibbard & Matt Pearch. These boys have been nearly ready for days now and been sent out once at Balephuil to try and compete. There is nothing worse than being first up at a PWA event and with John not feeling too great, it's been a week of early starts and nervous anticipation before skulking back to his van to try and recover from Tiree Man Flu.

Thinking about it, every PWA event seems to breed super bugs. I supposed it's because sailors are coming from all over the world, on planes, sharing vans, accomodation and they are usually worn down from travelling, sailing etc. Throw in some damp, cold weather and the fleet are just overcome with bugs, colds, flu, vomiting disease...stay away from them I say!!

More updates later.

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