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Posted by Adam Cropper 
Adam Cropper
25 October '07 | 2:16pm
Anyone know how to wymaroo?,

I never been able to work out this move, how it works etc,

when I have tried it I have gone nowhere even near it,I go into a gybe and then try and jump but never get any rotation and I tend to look pretty foolish,

I need Help!!

Is it like a G-screw in waves, got close to them but cant imagine doing them without a wave.

Looking forward to the weekend action, West Witterings, Students Aussie Kiss and Tushinghams Kids Freestyle - a busy weekend for UK windsurfing! I need to be three places at once!
the guru
Re: wymaroo
25 October '07 | 7:22pm
the Wymaroo named after Chris Wyman, US sailor from the 90's is quite similar to a Gu Screw, named after Mark Angulo, older brother of Josh.
It is a downwind rotation which is really a very downwind flat spin loop.
Best way to try is carve hard downwind, like starting a fast carve gybe but don't lay your rig down to low, just like bottom turning into a Gu screw, then once heading straight downwind keep carving but initate a jump off of your toes to your heels, swinging your body hard to continue the downwind rotation. You need to pull your rig across you a bit like a slam gybe position and then sheet in hard as the rig pulls through the wind without catching on the water, keeping alot of mast foot pressure to spin the board around and to land as dry as possible.

Ricardo started to do these again over the last few years in freestyle heats but not as good as the originals, check out older vids such as surface tension etc for some good examples.

I heard Colin Dixon uses the Wymaroo as a teaching stepping stone to help sailors learn to spin loop.

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