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The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!

Posted by the guru 
the guru
The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!
29 October '07 | 10:43am
I am currently depressed about the state of British windsurfing at the moment.

Firstly the windsurf media, which i see as two magazines and a variety of web sites.

All of the windsurf media is controlled by the windsurf industry. No magazine (paper or online) has the balls to do real tests on any sort of equipment in fear of that manufacturer pulling their advertising budget from that magazine.

If you believe any test reviews you should consider that every test result is sent out to the manufacturer before publishing for their consideration. Obviously bad test don't go down well and are usually changed with a bit of persuasion before being published. Test winers will be the company with the most adverts in the magazines, paying the most for their results.

Everything is "political".

There are too many people in the sport with no passion for windsurfing, that probably never sail or even kitesurf that get to make huge decisions that effect the real windsurfers.

These people are killing this sport in this country.

How many of these adverts in these magazines feature british sailors in british locations?

We can have as good conditions here on the day as many of the favoured photo location but because these pictures are never used or chosen there is no use for photographer slogging their guts out getting good UK shots for ignorant mag eds and advertising execs to constantly use shots from Maui etc.

We are all British, we live and sail in the UK and yes it is inconsistent at times but Maui as all other places can be sh#t for weeks too, is crowded beyond belief and is full of Americans.

We need a magazine to take note and start basing itself around windsurfing in the UK.

Less glory shots from world pros in sunny windy places thousands of miles away.

We need to encourage windsurfing in the UK by showing it's full potential and to do this unfortunately we need the media to help.
Re: The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!
8 November '07 | 8:00pm
I think you are right, in some aspects. I dont think that you are right about the tests though..
But as to locations there is a big issue. Also as to the development of the sails. They are not being developed in the condition that most people have outside their door step, so therefore also not working the same. Where do you find a perfect wave here in Europe? perfect flat water?? We live in the real world and that has to be taken into consideration.
It's a shame, that we dont get more attention to our own local spots that is just as nice and easier to relate to when you read a test or see a photo in some advert.
Re: The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!
15 November '07 | 11:49am

Who are you and how much do you actually know about the state of British Windsurfing. From your posts you are clearly in cloud cookoo land with no idea of reality!

BOARDS Magazine put a lot of work into their tests and as Ad Sales manager I can tell you that the tests are not biased toward our advertisers in the slightest. We test product from non advertisers and advertisers alike. In fact on many occassions advertising has been pulled because the manufacturers/importers do not want us to print our finding! They would prefer it if we followed our competitors and dropped any test that wasn't satisfactory. We have a policy of not doing this in the belief of our findings and that if product is not suitable it is important that people do not buy it and get put off the sport. We want our readers to trust what we have to say and most importantly to enjoy their windsurfing experience because we are passionate about the sport that we love.

Now - any other rubbish you have to spout?

Re: The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!
17 November '07 | 12:01am
So fred, why did boards magazine do a wave test in El tur, Eygpt ?? Where it is mostly flat or at best knee high and bolt onshore ??
Make matters worst they go to Cape Verde in spring when the pwa sailors were tearing in to perfect waves and all they take to test is 100L + freeride boards and no small sails so all the testing is done way over boarded and over powered!!!

Boards test where ever Bill can get a cheap or free bee holiday package, regardless of suitable conditions so don't preach that Boards testing isn't floored...

Guru seems to know more than some people would like to have the public know, maybe he is a insider....
The only way to know if a product is suitable is to demo it yourself!
Re: The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!
17 November '07 | 10:59am
I disagree and agree

The depth that boards spend looking into trends and being cynical or anxious about board and sail design is probably in valuable to everyones board and sail knowledge.

It is a shame they didnt go to more suitable places. Lugging masses of kit around, you would want to go to the most affordable places.

Some of the outcomes of the tests are quite surprsing when you get to sail kit for yourself, it shows how no matter how you test a lot of it is down to personal taste, but test seem to guide you in the right direction...sometimes
Re: The state of Britsh windsurfing!!!!
17 November '07 | 5:28pm
Well done Fred,

I have faith in the mags but it is nice for a real insider who really does know to tell us how it is.
I am always surprised how many keen windsurfers ie lots of the people I met in Dahab last week, never read the mags or Boardseeker, perhaps you need to get to them though I don't know how, as for me I am an expert, I even helped win a Quiz on Windsurf news, pity I am still a bit iffy with the beach starts!!!!

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