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Windsurfing Cardiff and Edinburgh

Posted by James 
Windsurfing Cardiff and Edinburgh
5 November '07 | 11:31am

Does anyone know where I can hire kit and get out near Cardiff? Have to go there for work for a long weekend so hoping to find a bit of time to get cold and wet!

I'm also in Edinburgh over xmas / new year so same applies... Anyone know how cold it gets? Maybe I should just be planning to stay wrapped in blankets next to the heater and drinking Mold wine!

Re: Windsurfing Cardiff and Edinburgh
5 November '07 | 5:14pm
Hi James,

I was a student in Edinburgh and Cardiff many moons ago and did a lot of windsurfing in both locations. Edinburgh wise Gullane and Longniddrie (30-40min drive) are the two most popular places to sail, but theres no kit hire at either beach. If you get to longniddrie and the winds blowing from the right hand side of the power station then its best to go on to Gullane. Both are bump and jump kind of places with a faint chance of a wave at Gullane. If your after waves you need to go down to Belhaven or Whitesands which are about an hour away. It used to be possible to hire kit from the water sports centre at Port Edgar, but its right under the forth road bridge, gets a strong tidal current and the wind and water quality was pretty awfull so I wouldn't recommend going out there. It gets cold so it'll be 5/3 wet suit, boots, hood and glove weather by then. Boardwise in Edinburgh have just started selling windsurfing kit again and you may be able to blag some trial kit from them if they think you're looking to buy.

I was in Cardiff for a much shorter time but Coldknapp Bay in Barry and Newton Bay in Porthcawl were the two most consistent locations and both could have decent waves on a good day. I can't remmember anywhere that hired out kit but you could call Rat Rigs in Cardiff and they might be able to sort something out. It might be possible to sail in Cardiff Bay in side the barrage now, but it wsn't allowed back in 2004 when I left.

Hope that helps.

Joshin' McAngulo
Re: Windsurfing Cardiff and Edinburgh
5 November '07 | 9:35pm
Check out this website


Loads of the Edinburgh locals use this so if people are going sailing chances are it'll be posted on this site ; there's a fairly healthy number of friendly local crew kiting and windy sailing at Gullane, Longniddrie, Silverknowes ( occasionally ) and others places these days.
Re: Windsurfing Cardiff and Edinburgh
6 November '07 | 8:31am
Around cardiff:
You can sail in the Bay [cardiffbaywindsurfing.wordpress.com]
But you're better off at The Knap [winsurfing.co.uk]

See you at the Beach!

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