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New shaped booms?

Posted by wind city 
wind city
New shaped booms?
5 November '07 | 9:02pm
Does anyone know how the new boom shapes have suddenly evolved, or has anyone sailed with them yet? (Naish, Aeron, Streamlined etc)

They look slimmer but then quite an extreme bend near the clamp, is this not a bit of a funny angle to be holding on too. Also they look a lot narrower.

I'm looking to get a new boom, but would like to know more about this new style and see what others really think. Or is it just a fashion thing?
Adam Cropper
Re: New shaped booms?
5 November '07 | 9:52pm
I have an Aeron boom, which is the new shape, its great for getting the power on early out of gybes etc. The shape tends to make the rig further from your body if your front hand is quite far forward. Normal sailing, your hands should be a decent distance from the mast down the boom so the shape has no effect when blasting along.

But the great thing about the Aeron is that its stiffer than most other alloy booms, in fact it feels like a carbon boom. I think the other brands whith this shape are probably really stiff as well.

Hope this is useful,

Re: New shaped booms?
6 November '07 | 11:21am
Yes I have used the new shape boom.

To be honest they are quite hard to initially get on with and they do make you feel further away from the rig, once you are used to them though they do feel nice.

I was considering selling my new shape boom but persivered and now like it heaps.

wind city
Re: New shaped booms?
6 November '07 | 7:30pm
what is the actual advantage though. Ive not heard or really read anything about them, just seen that a lot of pro's seem to be using them?

Also, are they monocoque?
Re: New shaped booms?
7 November '07 | 10:28pm
Ive only used them a few times but they're fairly awkward to get your hand right up to the clamp. Also, our local centre used all aeron booms this year and the rubber bit of the grip at the front peeled off every one, they will probably redesign them next year though
Stu H
Re: New shaped booms?
8 November '07 | 7:08pm
I think they are meant to be stronger because the main bit is only one piece. I havent sailed with one, although did pick one up and it felt wierd. But I guess you have to get used to all things.

Someone told me that because it was straighter, your arms were actually in a better position, also you were nearer to the sail so it felt more reactive. I'm not so sure though as it looks a bit odd.
Re: New shaped booms?
6 December '07 | 8:22pm
I own a Prolimit Hybrid (not the thinner one). It's stiff. But I have issues with the clamp. It may be the shape of the boom that stops the clamp from traveling sufficiently far to lock tightly. As someone mentioned above the shape also makes it more difficult to slide your front hand up to the mast before rotating the sail. But then again I'm not sure if this is really needed. All in all it's a decent boom.

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