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new mast

Posted by Tom 
new mast
13 November '07 | 11:08pm

I'm thinking of buying a new mast. I currently have a 430 arrows lance with 10% Carbon. The reason I'm thinking of buying a new one is mostly based on an article of Guy Cribb (http://www.guycribb.com/userfiles/documents/Mast%20Debating.pdf).

The problem is; i'm a student from the netherlands, which basically means i have no money. Fortunately there are a lot of secondhand masts on the market. I found an Xcellerator 80% for 100 euros. The guy who sells it doesn't know from what year it is. I searched the internet for a long time and the only thing i could conclude is that it is from before 2001. I don't know if this is a problem. I actually don't know what to look for on a mast apart from the percentage carbon and the weight.

Any advise is welcome, thx!

Re: new mast
13 November '07 | 11:48pm
PS: a picture can be found here:
Re: new mast
14 November '07 | 10:23am

I understand your problem with the masts.
However getting the right mast for your sail is all important. Each sail brand has their own bendcurve and stiffness. So each sail will be designed to that curve and stiffness.
Ex. Neilpryde masts are Constant curve (cc) but are very stiff in the lower part and the softer in the top. North also cc is softer in the bottom but also in the top.
The best thing you can do is to get the right brand of mast to your sail and then naturally go for a good procentage of carbon. It will give you a better flex and softer feel. You will without a doubt get more preformance from you sail!!
Re: new mast
14 November '07 | 10:52am
Boards did a test on masts a few months back and you can find the article here


Which makes intresting reading on the intercompatability or not of different mast and sail brands.

Personaly I wouldn't buy a second hand mast, any defects are not likely to be visable to the naked eye and they've probably had a lot of hefty beatings before you get them. When a mast snaps it generaly doesn't do your sail any good so buying new is money well spent. Generally you'll get a years warrenty and if it snaps in that time stand a good chance of getting it replaced. I'd buy a wave mast just cause its tougher even if your not into waves yet, unless your into racing in a big way where the extra weight might make a difference.
Re: new mast
14 November '07 | 1:07pm
Thank you for your replies.

In due time maybe all my sails will be from the same brand and I can afford to buy a mast especially designed for those sails. However, that is not an option right now. As i said, i'm a student.

Maybe it helps if i explain my current level a bit:
I have only been windsurfing for about 7 months. In the right conditions I'm comfortably blasting in the footstraps and harness. And occasionally doing a carve gybe (non-planing exit). I have a 115 L freestyle/freeride board and i weigh about 70 kg. Most of the time I use a 6.25 m2 Tushingham Storm from 2002 (which i like alot!).

In this perspective do you still think I will actually notice the difference between the one and the other mast?
Is the Xcellerator 80 worth the 100 bucks? Will it enable me to improve the next 1 or 2 years? Or can I just as well stay with the lance 10?
Is there a brand that makes masts that perform reasonably well on all sails? (as I don't know what sails i'll be buying in the future...)

I hope I don't bore you guys to much with all these questions, it's just that I really don't have a clue. All i know is i got addicted...

thanks again
Re: new mast
14 November '07 | 3:22pm
Hi Tom

If I where you, I would not change the kit you have right now. You are still early in the sport and maybe not a 100% on where windsurfing will take you. Maybe just blasting on flat water or a bit of wave. Keep your kit, save your money and when you have some more experience go out get a complete new sail and mast. That's what I would do..
Re: new mast
15 November '07 | 8:02am
Ok. You're probably right. For Future reference though, is there some sort of test one can do to see if a mast is still in good shape? Maybe just rigging it with the sail it will be used on?

Anyways, thanks alot for your help!
Re: new mast
15 November '07 | 12:00pm
Buying a second hand mast will always be a problem. Because you dont have any warranty. So if it brakes, you will have lost your money and also need a sail repair if you are unlucky..

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