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lack of women windsurfing

Posted by chicken 
lack of women windsurfing
15 November '07 | 9:08pm
I think we need to do something about the lack of women in windsurfing. This is a clearly a v male dominated sport.
The magazines for starters focus mainly on guys, the girls instead only seam to really appear in the 'babes/swimsuit corner' (wheres our speedo corner then ey?) This is degrading for women and detracts from the fact that some of these women are good windsurfers.
I would certainly buy the mags more if i thought there were going to be articles from the top women windsurfers.
Re: lack of women windsurfing
16 November '07 | 6:37pm
well more women need to take it up then then there would not be such a lack. Its all in the mindset, most women who would like or are keen on windsurfing, like women in general are good at prioritising. So time, money for windsurfing, to all but the die hards, come way down the list. Whereas most men, put windsurfing at the top and sort out the rest after so the time is already there.

There is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done, so put the enjoyable things first and let the rest sort itself out.

sounds so sexist, but are there any other explanations?
Hans Eckspest
Re: lack of women windsurfing
16 December '07 | 11:54am

your message on women in windsurfing i read today. i laugh so harrd. i love the boardzeeker bebes. problem is der best women windsurfers in der weld struggle to gybe and look like shemale wieght lifters. i think they can not even write thier own namen as they struggle to fink off ein thing at one time.

ha ha ha ha
Re: lack of women windsurfing
20 December '07 | 5:59pm
Hi Chicken,

It?s always difficult as a minority to make your voice heard. I suggest you write to the Editors of the various mags on and offline with your concerns. Go easy on the criticism and try to present a couple of original positive ideas. Maybe offer to write an article yourself on what its like to be a female windsurfer.
Re: lack of women windsurfing
21 December '07 | 9:36am
Hi Chick,

I agree with you completely about the lack of coverage for women windsurfers. Even the young boys just getting into windsurfing, get more coverage than the girls (young & older). I think it gives a false impression of our sport, at a time when we have some exceptional top sailors & more girls appearing at the beach to try windsurfing.

Also I think its a great time for girls to get into it, as the equipment is now so much easier to use than the old days, when you had to be pretty strong & sail a lot to make any progress.

I think there would definately be interest in hearing from the top girls, on how to do a pushloop or a ponch say, as I think girls learn this stuff differently to blokes. Girls who wanna have a go would get some good tips, girls just starting would be inspired, & chaps would think 'if a girl can do that, so can I' so everyone would get something out of it!


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